back ache

hi, I’ve had lower backache for roughly 10 days. this morning my skin on a patch on my lower back feels like it has been scalded and still have backache.this feeling on my skin surface is similar to the symptons in my hands.Could this be another symptom and should i bother my dr with it?


I’ve had episodes of severe backache with MS, but have never quite got to the bottom of whether they’re a relapse or not, because I don’t (usually) get neuropathic pain or other nerve symptoms with mine. It’s just boring old painful pain, that’s more likely to be caused indirectly, by poor gait or posture.

But, since you have symptoms that feel like a burn, I’d say there is nerve stuff going on in your case, so sounds more like a relapse than an injury.

Might be worth speaking to the doctor, just to get it recorded it happened, but I doubt they’ll do very much, unless it’s severe and you want to try steroids!

If you’re not diagnosed yet, it all adds to the evidence (even if they don’t treat it).

Hope this helps,


It’s worth telling the doctor about anything new for two reasons: it might be fixable / treatable; it might be new neurological evidence that needs to go on your medical record.

I hope he/she can help.

Karen x

Hi, over the past 13 yrs or so, I have sufferd from severe lower back pain.

Mostly it was due to poor posture or having to sit all day, as I am unable to walk at all.

I have tried several different support cushions and they ususally work for a good while, then I need a different one.

I am wondering if the scalding like pain is nerve pain? I take amitriptyline for this and it is very effective.

Yes, I do think you ought to see your GP.

luv POllx