Burning pain - how to describe?

Hey all

Well one day back and the effects of my break are already wearing off. Proabably slightly my own fault as I was trying to clean and sort out all yesterday (my partner had left rotten veg in the fridge as well as it looking like it was growing mould, laundry basket was overspilling, my clean laundry on the side as well just general mess and me needing to unpack - he got a telling off from me). I’m still in high spirits otherwise though.

Just wanted to ask those of you who have experienced burning pain what it feels like. I had a spasm round my abdomen like the hug with what felt like burning pain in that area (skin felt raw like sunburnt and flinched whenever something touched it). I have now noticed on and off a patch of burning on my back and some on my front over the last few days but worse today. Initially I thought maybe I’ve got reflux or heartburn or something. But it doesn’t seem to be related to what I eat and like the other time the area feels sensitive to touch like its been sunburnt.

Just wandered what everyone elses experience was with burning pain.




Yes I have horrendous neck burn and at my last relapse inbetween my shoulderblades.

Neuro said it was the nerves and that gabapentin and amitriptyline would help.

They do most of the time but when its back its with avengence and tells me its time to sit and rest.

At those times its just a case of wait till it goes for me I am afraid.

I do feel for you as its a pain thats impossible to ease.


Burning for me is exactly that - a feeling like my leg (or whatever) is on fire. It is always cool to touch and not sensitive.

We’re all different though and there’s no reason why an area that is burning can’t be sensitive too. The signals are carried by two separate spinal tracts, but damage can affect both at once.

Karen x

THe burning on your abdomen that you described is exactly what I had when things all kicked off for me last year. I only had THAT symptom for a couple of weeks and have only had it once more since, this time on my back. It does feel like sunburn - I couldn’t describe it very well but you hit the nail on the head there.

MS is so weird… you have to be careful as you don’t know what is MS related and what isn’t. Those naughty little lesions!!

You’re right Pip it is horrendous - you can’t pop a co-codamol and make it go away. It’s just there and you have to let it run its course. Thankfully mines intermittent but I think its worse today because of everything I did yesterday - my own fault really.

Thank you for sharing



Thanks Karen. Its so difficult pinpointing whats neuro - I don’t want to assume but as you said MS - if thats what I have - is different for everyone. I’m learning to plod along and just try and listen to my body more as a signal when I need to stop. Its hard but as you said if its MS time will tell. There’s nothing else I can do in the meantime apart from trying to be as healthy as possible.



Yeah it is very weird and as you said difficult to know what is neuro and what isn’t. My partner tried to give me a cuddle when he got home and I almost jumped when his hand slid round my back, it feels so sensitive. Its not great but it was worse when round my abdomen and I had the hug there as well so I’m not complaining. At least I can try and describe it to the new neuro on wednesday now.

My partner made me laugh - he said “So is your bum a safe area for me to squeeze instead of giving you a hug then.” … man any excuse!



it’s horrid!

Feel like my hand has been stuck on the oven door.

It gets worse as the day goes on.

Gapapentin does ease it but its a case of pain v’s feeling groggy from the drugs. Most of the time, I take the pain.

There’s never an easy option for us!