Avonex injector

I was just wondering if there are any videos online about/showing the newest Avonex injector pen please? All I can seem to find are the American ones which I think are abit different aren’t they?

Thanks in advance

Also I’m currently on the ‘free hand’ avonex solution would it be ok to ocassionally go freehand and occasionally the injector or does the avonex have to be in a different form for each way?

personally I’m not on avonex, I’m on copaxone every day, I think you can get a video on utube thats where I found the tequnique to do it manually, plus I have the injector pen I find it ok, you will need to be shown how to load it, it was my MS nurse who came to the house to show me how to use it, I prefer the pen to the manual way.

Thanks for your reply. I think the Avonex pen comes preloaded so do you know if that can be removed and done manually? I have the nurse do mine manually but thinking about getting a family to do the pen but worried that I won’t get on that well with it so would like to have manual version for nurse to do as backup

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: do you think it hurts more/less/same with the pen compared to manual? Also do you bruise more as you have to push down a fair bit?

Hi Smudgey

I've been using the avonex pen for 9 weeks now.  I've nothing else to compare it with, but it is really easy to use and I'm pretty sure even my daughters could do it for me (they're 13 and 10)!   The injection itself is not painful (I take the pen out of the fridge in the morning before I go to work, I once forgot and took it out half an hour before I used it and it stung a lot more probably because it was colder but it still wasn't really painful).  The most uncomfortably bit is pressing down, but I've got fairly chunky thighs blush so I push down really hard to try and make sure it gets to the muscle, but I've never bruised from doing this and it is just uncomfortable not painful.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply Lynn. Do you know the size of the needle used in the injector please?