Avonex auto injector pen


If anyone uses the Avonex auto injector pen please could you let me know if you found it easier/better to use than the pre-filled syringes.

I have been injecting for 10 months and ok had the odd painful injection but for the last two weeks I can’t seem to get it in the right place or maybe it’s because syringe is larger. Last week I had 4 attempts to get it in far enough to release so my legs didn’t look great afterwards. Last night got it in first time and when I pulled out the blood came rushing out and went all over my thigh, so I put on tissues and ice pack and this morning leg got a little hard lump and bruised.

I pull the leg apart with my fingers before inserting, I check for visible veins but obviously can’t see below the skin. I am now loosing confidence but petrified of moving onto Rebif incase I react badly and then can’t move back.

Any help gladly received.



Did you ask for the smaller needles for the pre-filled syringes, i did and they are much better (thinner and shorter) . Was offered the auto injector but didnt bother.


Hi Daniel

I wasn’t aware of smaller needles just thought I had to have the ones that came in the pack. I have been trying to get hold of MS Nurse but she been away and I wasn’t sure who to speak to about it hence my post.

Thank you so much for the advice I will ask how I get the smaller needles.



Hi, I too use a smaller needle, my ms nurse suggested this when I first started using Avonex. Karen


Thanks for your posts. I will ask about smaller posts or auto injector I am just not sure if I can get them over here :frowning:


Meant smaller needles!!