avonex help??

hi all, i need help with this one, ive just attempted my avonex pen jab but on pushing the button for some reason i pulled the pen away from my leg! the medication was spraying from the syringe, i phoned the avonex help line and they said call your ms nurse or dr, obviously wont get hold of them untill tue next week, so im not sure if i should attemt another jab i believe the needle was only in my leg for a split second. Thanks in advance ror any advise. Tony.

Hi Tony Long time since I was on beta-interferon with the rebiject pen, I could never do the injections myself bit of a wimp really but my mother in law once had to do it whilst we were on holiday and she was so nervous she did exactly the same as you’ve done. As we were abroad I didn’t have the MS nurse or dr’s number with me so I made the decision myself & got her to inject in a different site to the one she’d attemted and got wrong. I had absolutley no problems at all. My only issue was I was having more relapses on it than off it :frowning: now SP so no chance of dmd’s :frowning: Nice to know the Avonex helpline were so helpful - NOT Hope this helps Sue x

hi sue and thanks for your reply, your right about the avonex help line! gave me the impression that they are more intrested in their product than they are of you… ill have another bash at it tommorow. take care. Tony.

Good luck I’m sure you’ll be fine considering it didn’t go in don’t think the spraying on your body has the same affect :smiley: x

Dear Tony,

I am sorry that I have only just seen this message now as the identical thing happened to me about 4 weeks ago. Not just with one but with two pens. I thought it was my technique but I saw my MS nurse and she felt that the device was faulty. She arranged for a new set to be sent and for the one that I did with her to be sent back to Biogen. You might like to do something similar if you are still using the same batch.

Also, I am sorry that the helpline have been less than helpful.

I spent 30 minutes (plus similar amounts of time on previous occasions) trying to outline my dissatisfaction with the poor level of services they offer, but to no avail. I have kept my details on their files but as they offer such little support in terms of anything really meaningful, doubt I will hear much from them.

Anyhow, I hope your MS nurse is more helpful.

Thanks for your reply, on speaking to my ms nurse on tue she told me not to try another untill this friday, just incase i did get any of the med into my system. best regards Tony…