Avonex pen misfired - any experiences of this?

Morning all. My Avonex pen has just failed - first it wouldn’t inject however hard I pressed the button, and then it bounced off, meaning most of the dose ended up on the floor. I’m sure I wasn’t doing anything different. Had this happened to anyone else? I had got pretty quick doing it so it feels like a disappointing set back. Also, while I’m here, I’ve started to get big bruises at my injection sites - just for past four weeks. I’ve started injecting in the morning rather than evening - would this make a difference?? Any clues? Really grateful for any ideas! All the best X

Hi becca, this happened to me about 6 months ago the same as you i had not done the jab any different, i called the avonex help line and they had the pen collected two days later and confirmed it was faulty! but touch wood its not happened since, a little cheat i now do with the pen is to hold the bottom half up ie so that the safety is released and while holding, onto the leg and fire… gd luck. Tc.

oh becca sorry meant to say as far as the bruising goes your not pressing down to hard are you?

Thanks - glad it’s not just me! I’ll give the helpline a call. And thanks for advice on brusing - I think I might have been pushing down a bit harder - trying to be tough :slight_smile:

When it miss fired did you do another injection? My needle wasn’t on properly not sure it all administered, small amount of fluid at entry point…? Appreciate any advice!

Dear Becca, I inject with plegridy, and if I thump too hard I seem to get a bigger bruise. Also my pens sometimes jam. The phone line are helpful and I make sure that the company always deliver one too many. Kindest thoughts Ali