Hi everyone, just a bit of fun, but how did we all come up with our user names?!

Mine, I think, self explanatory

I LOVE, mean LOVE (everyone must have got this one!!!) AC/DC, you wouldn’t have got it would you!!! Joking!!!

Now all yours! T4a


Well, Tracey, I guess that you will find that a lot of us either use our real name, and/or play with the spelling, and/or ad some numbers that mean something, or just pick a name out of a hat. Quite simple really.

Now me, as a lot of folks already know, really am entitled to call myself Doctor, and really am called Geoff. But I will admit to having a totally different username in other places. But this is the MS Forum, and as we all know, MS is not something to joke about.


Certainly wasn’t joking Geoff about MS, I too know its no laughing matter, I’m merely interested how we got to pick our user names, no biggy, just curious, doesn’t have to be so serious all the time, does it?

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The name I wanted to use (janski) had been taken so I just put Jan which is my name but added the hhh as Jan alone wasn’t accepted. Very boring

Janski x

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pigpen is named after my cat who died,

so i immortalised his name as my user name.

i have a total of five departed cats and i use a mashup of their names as my password with a few numbers thrown in.

carole x

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I use libertine cos I think it suits me pretty well. Plus I still love love love The Libertines, although they disbanded (big sad face!). Their music always makes me smile & puts a metaphoric spring in my step since the physical step is more a drag these days - not quite the same eh? Haha! I’ve always been more of a shepherd rather than a sheep type of girl.

Whole Lotta Rosie is my fav acdc song, the opening riffs are brilliant. I love it!

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I am obsessed by the Mountains and skiing! Some years ago I was looking for a username that doesn’t have my name in but was related to Snow. Snowqueen286 was the one picked. I don’t want to use my real name yet because I need somewhere no one can identify me where I can feel safe to talk to people who know what having MS feels like.

Snowqueen x

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My Username is a version of my real name and my avatar is a photo of my German Shepherd, Charlie.

Shazzie xx

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before i was pigpen i was carole58 which was just my name and year of birth.

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Lovely to hear off everyone, I feel we know each other more now! Nice to have insight into people behind our virtual selves, now even though we can’t all meet, we are friends, thank you all Tracey x

Rosina is my middle name as my first name was taken. I don’t post anything ‘anon’ because I can’t think of anything that I wouldn’t be able to talk about…so that’s me, plain & simple Rosina!

Rosina x

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Can we change our user name somehow on the website. I’ve looked at my profile/my preferences but don’t seem to have the option?


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My usual username of Maggot was (shock horror!) already taken - so I just used my name and first letter of my surname.

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Boudica suits me, as I am often riding a chariot campaining for our rights and it became more apt when I was shouting about Changing Places toilets.


ps Boudica reigns! she was the valiant queen of the Icene tribe, eons ago and even sacked huge swathes of the Romans in Britain.

fab lady!

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Do we mean pseudonyms or avatars ?

You would never guess what my real name was from my pseudonym but you would guess, quite rightly, what my problem was from my avatar…

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mine is simple-i love the colour orange and also chocolate!


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I came up with mine simply because my initials were J C ( I have married since joining this site )

Jaycie x

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My avatar is a bit shameless (in more ways than one) - it’s from the cover of the book I wrote.


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I hadn’t got it, Tracey, but I have now and it’s very good!

Mine? Lack of imagination, I’m afraid. That and always having liked the name Alison even though my parents named me Kenneth.


i would also like to know if i can change my ‘name’ on here. when i first joined, i was a bit dazed and confused, so i just looked around me, at the time i only had 2 cats, bet you can’t guess what colour they are. i figured that black cats are lucky, and i needed all the luck i could get. i’m not sure that i would change it, though. good thread.



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