My Own Username


I posted yesterday using my wife’s Username (Shepherdess) by mistake. Lol! I now have my own.

Take care.


Hi Dave np

Hi Dave. Me again,please tell who got MS. You or your wife. Rahma

Hi Dave. I know it`s your missus, Shazzie, who has MS.

Glad your now fixed on the right board.


Hi Poll

Thanks Poll.

Shazzie said do you want to be my secretary hehehe!!

I’m not quite up to speed yet!!


Oops done it again!!!

I’m back now on my own Username and in the right place. Shazzie left the room for 5mins and I jumped on!!!


Hi Dave

Shazzie always makes me giggle and you really need those when you’re trying to come to terms with so much, MS is overwhelming…

Any friend of hers and all that jazz :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard, it’ll be good to hear the flipside (personally, I think my husband is stressed & depressed at the moment BUT he won’t admit anything is wrong because of me), but I think we know it’s a lot to deal with for you too.

Sonia :smiley: