who`s who?

Afternoon campers…are you sun worshippers enjoying our Indian summer? Too hot for me, so I dont spend much time out there...........but its better than snow anyday!

The point of my post.

I like to look at the bottom of each groups page, to see who is on-line. sadly there are never as many as there used to be, on the old set-up and I dont recognise many names. have many of you got new names?

And what is a guest? I wonder if it means anon.

luv POllx


Am new to this site discovered it since I have been in limbo land since April 11, it’s been good nice to know others are going through the same thing as yourself (I say “nice” but that’s not the correct word).

I have an appointment next week with my neuro hoping to get news one way or another on my MRI I had done last month, I have been given a working DX of MS.

I have been told by people that the winter can just be as bad for MS suffers, is this true ? I can imagine the snow being a pain to walk in, that kind of goes for everyone so as to speak, but do folk have as many issues during the winters, I hated this summer (I used to love summer time) always drained ETC;


Hi, hmmm now? As I am classed as probable PPMS, my symptoms get no better in winter. dunno if this is the same for others.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll.

I think a guest is someone who’s browsing, but who isn’t registered. Could be wrong though!

Not everyone shows up as on-line when they actually are - there is an option on the user control panel, forum profile (I think), that you can select so you don’t show up. I leave the site open all the time on my laptop so I can come on whenever I feel like it without having to sign in, but if my name is there all the time, people might think I’m ignoring them when I don’t reply straight away(!) - so I opt out of showing my name.

Perhaps the boffins should add a “number of users on-line” count as well so people who don’t want their name on there still show up and we know we’re not the only ones here?!

Karen x

PS HATING the heat :frowning: Not looking forward to the cold either - it’s painful :frowning: Typical me - never happy!

its annoying i used to love the sun but it just makes things worse now. But i do still love the snow eaven tho it makes my knees hurt. Big kid realy lol. :smiley:

Too hot for bears today!
I made the fateful error of going to do a few bits and bobs in town; when I got home I lay down (1pm) and woke up to the happy sound of my OH pottering about on returning from work - at 6.30! :roll:
I am supposed to know better, but I keep thinking ‘I can do it this time’ Meh!