User names -not MS

Having been on here a fair bit am intrigued to some peoples user names…so just wondered how you came about yours? I chose mine because when my daughter was really tiny I was driving along with her in the back of the car when she out of the blue started saying ‘Manoon Manoon’… Trying to work out what she was trying to say…it wasn’t untill I pulled up at some traffic lights and turned around she was pointing up at the sky… ‘Manoon Manoon’ she was pointing at the Moon!

pigpen was my cat.

he had long fur and as a kitten he looked like scribble.

pigpen was a character in the peanuts cartoons and it was scribble.

we didnt know he was a boy until one day my son (11 yrs at the time) started mumbling something that sounded like “…cat… balls…”

i said "billy speak clearly, that just sounded like “cats got balls”

he said “it has, look!”

sadly pigpen got run over when he was not quite a year old.

i loved that cat and using him as my user name makes me go “aww”

carole xx

Awe Carole you’ve really made me go ‘AwE’ out loud to myself that’s a great story,although with a sad ending xx

Hi, been meaning to ask you how you got your name Mich.

I used to be MS43…then after finding out about Changing Places loos, i began and still campaignng on their behalf.

Its totally amazing how the majority of social services staff havent as yet heard about these wonderful faciltites.

So see, Boudica rides on!


My name came to me instantly, as I am such a fan of rabbits. My current bunnies are called Morris & Mabel and were both from the RSPCA. I hope that I will always be well enough to keep at least two rabbits, but we never know with MS do we.


mine came from trying to make up a name for ebay and they kept saying the ones they suggested were already in use. I had a photo of my best friend who died when she was 17 in front of me so came up with deadchick (07 is a birthday number).

Deadchick is now a term for women who are into alternative lifestyles and tattoos, so Im a bit chuffed I came up with it 10 years ago and now it describes me perfectly.


every year my gran gives me a chocorange at christmas (tho couldnt manage to eat it last year) and my fave colour is orange (dm’s, knickers, bag for back of powerchair etc)


Lion is my nickname from my other-half (because I had long hair when we met, which he said looked like a Lion’s mane)

Hi choose this name because its just me , nobody special or different than the rest of us . just me again

tina x

My user name started as a nickname at Sixth Form: one of my new friends got my name wrong and called me Mitzi instead of my actual name. Mitzi stuck as a nickname and I have used it as a forum name on various boards over the years.

well i quess juju 67 dosnt take a hill of working out! i was nick named at jnr school & it stuck, not the 67 bit thats y,o.b


:slight_smile: I’m saying nothing…

Goldrat - Gold = stars mean good work (I’m a teacher) , rat - born year of the rat.

Loving this thread, thanks mannon manoon.

Mine is made up from letters from my actual name. Not very inventive but I was an engineer in a previous life!

Mine came from my pet name my dad called me Polly my niece then turned it into pollypocket as I always had a treat for her in my pocket, my sister used to laugh at me to cause I always made my kids put there rubbish in their pockets instead of on the street, they still do it and hence we all have some form of rubbish in our pockets.


when i was fit they use to call me the road runner so even though i was diagnosed at 44 why i use trish44 , i use the picture of the roadrunner as a reminder of times past


I was quite mad when my consultant said perhaps I needed ‘happy pills’. I told my neighbour and she was also surprised as she said that she always thought of me not as a glass half full person, but as one frothing over - so hence … Jackie x

Am soooo glad I posted this thread… Just shows how unique everyone is and how personal and meaningful a name is…hope we get more additions its fascinating int it? Michelle x

I have my name as it says lol

Ah but how long did it take you to come up with that one gra-ham? :wink: