change of name


i’m being a sheep and following the herd.

felt so boring as carole 58 so i’ve changed to pigpen

pigpen was my cat who got run over. i’ve missed him (removed by moderator for safety reasons )

carole x

[Edited - you know why!]

[Edited - would you all like to change the subject?]

Love the new name Carole!

Very curious about what was removed ‘for safety reasons’… The mind boggles!

Pat x

i dont know. it wasnt bad language.

maybe i’d put that he used to hide up my jumper when he was a baby

carole x

Hi, the new name means a lot to you, so it also means a lot to us!

Like Pat, I wonder what the filtered word was??? Hiding under your jumper…what`s wrong with that?

luv Polllx (Queen of the Icene)