Autoimmune Paleo diet

Anyone done this? I went vegan when I was diagnosed but my friend, a nutritionist, says it wouldn’t be as effective as the Paleo diet… similar to the Wahls protocol… I think I will give it a go maybe? Anyone got any info or done it?

Hi, im trying to do the best bet diet, but did look at paleo diet, and was doing raw food diet. I probably combine all 3, that is do the best bet and paleo at the same time with as muvh raw as possible, not always possible as living with my dad at the mo, and as much as i love him its very difficult when he cooks meals. You can but try and see how you get in. Apart from anything else its healthy and certainly wont do you any harm. If you think its not having any effect and you miss cake and this is getting you down dont do it. I think we are punished enough without punishing ourselves. Me i miss cake, but do make my own healthy raw chocolate!

Good luck

I am on a gluten, wheat and dairy free diet, eat lots of fruit and vegetables (organic if possibe) and steet clear of processed foods as much as possible. Although I do have canned sardines once a week. I don’t eat red meat. I eat eggs and eat sheeps and goats cheese.

Lots of vegetable stiry frys, salmon and vegetables. I really enjoy these foods. I used to be vegetarian for about 23 years