Auto injector

Can someone help me here I realised last night that my Copaxone injector has no needle depth adjuster, it was there on Thursday at the hospital my 1st injection, I can still use it as I did last night, I can’t get anyone at the hospital now till Monday! I’m sure it’s there…
Am I ok to still use it?


Sorry, I never used the autoinjector (I always injected Copaxone manually). If you post on Everyday Living, someone will know about it I'm sure.

If you don't get an answer, as long as the fluid goes into the fat under your skin, it's fine. Perhaps you should just do the injection manually until you speak to someone at the hospital? It's really easy - just push the needle into somewhere with some fat and then press slowly for the count of 10(ish).

Karen x

I’m sure it all went in last night Rizzo… I’m a big woose lol not sure if I can do it without the injector… I think I got the top of my one muddled with the nurses one I knew there was something missing when I took it all out to do it last night! Took a while to figure what then I sort if panicked, but it did sting so I’m sure it went in.
Thank you for replying to me Rizzo x

Hi Laine

I use an autoinjector but I've also injected manually too. 

I'm surprised that your nurse didn't show you how to inject manually - it's really not as bad as you may think. If you're unsure then when you next see her ask her to show you how. Someone else could do it for you perhaps?

If you ring the number (who deliver the copaxone) they should be able to send you another autoinjector or the missing part.

Debbie xx


Thank you Rubina I will have to learn manually! Can I come clean I found it it was there all the time I did try twisting it too nothing moved then last night I kept thinking about it and looked at the book it was there after all just tightly screwed in, feel such a dope! Sorry :frowning: feel such a twit! X

Hiya...sorry but it was the weekend so I had to do my disappearing act.

So how has it gone so far now youve got the autoinjecter sorted ? 

I lost all faith in it being pain free when I did my legs, and then my daughter wasnt around the weekend to do the ones round the back...if you had seen me trying to get a needle round the back( as most of it is off limits due to sretch marks) with hubby pointing to what he thought was the right place and trying not to jab it in him.. you would of howled with laughing

I have no idea how to do the ones on my left side at the back....I need an arm extension,or smaller boobs.

I really have to say though that being fat is a godsend as my legs hurt so much I even tried the ice pack and that was in the middle, but legs are the least flabby bit. I dread doing the bit nearest my knee.

Wonderful mental picture eh!!!

Where else have you yet to try? Ive only got arms left now.

Could I ask anyone that knows..I was told to autoject at 8 everywhere except arms and do them at 6. Does that mean when you manually do it as I do that you dont stick the needle all the way in?

Sorry to add that to your thread Laine but if you do do it yourself at anytime you may need to know. Funny how different people are, in the fact I cant face the autoject  so no different to you not being able to face manual injecting.

All the best Pip

Oh don’t worry Laine, I do far sillier things…lol…frequently in fact!

It’s definitely worth learning to inject manually though. If you’re anything like me then you probably didn’t think you could ever inject yourself using an autoinjector…but you have!!

It’s amazing what we get used too when we the need arises.

Debbie xx

Debbie thank you lol felt very STUPID believe me :frowning: still don’t know how to do the blushing face?
Pip I’ve done both thighs and top of my bum over the weekend, I’m so dreading doing my arms in fact petrified :frowning: stomachs pretty much covered in old stretch marks unless I can do it in between?? I did find top of bum very awkward to do the oh said he would do it but after his golf outing there was no way he was getting near me with a syringe!!
The ms nurse told me to use 10 all the time for everywhere! Never felt the injection at all yet only the sting after…
Wonder if I’ll be brave and go for arms tonight will have a think about it, I feel once I’ve done the once it won’t be so bad, I hope…
Also were told after injecting don’t let the sun get to the injection site like arms legs ? no chance of that happening here today :frowning:
Might let my oh help me tonight he does the counting till 10 after sure he deliberately counts slow, but he’s always saying you want me to do it for you! He probably thinks he’s inflicting pain lol!
let me know if you do arms and how you get on
Take care
Laine x

Ive just put a post on everyday living re how on earth I can do the left hip myself..someone must know a way.Im sure ive pulled a muscle trying!!!!

Arms tomorrow for me and then Ive tried everywhere. She made me fill out the months diary in advance so I knew everyday at a glance where to do. If I can crack this hips lark I will be able to do them all myself.

Its my own fault as she offered so show me how to use a mirror to do it and I said no it will be fine!!!!!!

I didnt know that about the sun and Im so lucky it doesnt bother me so my legs were out in it ...whoops.

Other than minor teething probs we seem to be doing ok dont we.

Take care Pip

Hey ladies :-)

Couple of tips....

- if you are struggling with an area or it hurts or whatever, just don't do it! (I never did my right hip and I alternated arms once a week only because I used to get lumps there. I've heard of people who only ever injected into their legs / stomach / etc.)

- if you are manually injecting, you just make sure that enough of the needle is in to be decently into the flesh under the skin, but not into muscle (deeper is usually better as far as marks & lumps go though).


Most importantly, don't stress about it - do whatever works for you to make sure you are injecting it once a day to give it the best chance possible to work for you :-)


Well did my stomach and it’s fair to say think I will be missing it out in future oocha! Still feels like I have a stitch and that’s been nearly 2hrs since I injected :frowning: just wondering if I did something wrong?? have noted it in diary to ask the nurse next time I see her…
So that just leaves arms left to try and that will be tomorrows target :slight_smile:
Pip hope you got on ok…

Thank you usual the calm voice of reason.

Having a decent depth shouldnt be a problem it was just the reaching it, and I guess as its new you try to do exactly what your told and then will relax with it like you say into a what works best for you.

Laine   your stomach reaction was like my legs, I must be so fat I dont feel a thing anywhere except legs and can still feel the lump in my legs that no amount of rubbing will remove.

So its arms for both of us today,,,hopefully it will make me love my bingo wings. If I'm feeling brave I might try the autoject...but then again my toes curled at the thought of trying what I think will be a really sensitive place with it,so I wont hold my breath.

Happy jabbing



Lol Pip we are total opposites me with injector and you without!, still feeling my stomach a bit today weird feeling though!
Yes we both have arms to do I hope there ok as I feel I could miss out my stomach altogether!
I think I may have done my stomach in a stretch mark!! It didn’t sting like the other bits just felt like a big stitch!
Ok arms tonight be hearing how it goes tomorrow :slight_smile:
Laine x

Arms no trouble although I have got a lump and because of where it is my left arm doesnt seem to have the strength to keep massaging it....that was a new revelation to me as last relapse affected my arm for the first time and I thought apart from forefinger it was back to normal. Live and learn eh.

Hope yours went well, and I chicken out and did it manually. I didnt even open the dreaded blue bag thats at the back of the pantry!!

Well its a glorious day here,the jabs are ok except for legs so all in all life is good...,  Ive dragged the ironing board out into the sun and then  I've come on here, but Im part way to actually doing it.

Have a good day.


Brilliant news eh! I managed fine just the sting and a wee bleed for a couple of seconds I’m really pleased how we’re getting on and it helps that I know someone else is doing the same as me!
I really must go and do the same as you before I can’t get up the stairs for it, yes the dreaded ironing! Although I will be doing mines inside as it’s dull and grey in Aberdeen today again! :frowning:
Of course it will be your weeks anniversary today lol one whole week of happy jabbing! Congratulations :slight_smile:
Back to beginning again for you, well done :slight_smile:
Enjoy your ironing in the sun
Take care
Laine x

Hi guys,

Glad to hear things are going well, with some minor exceptions :-)

I was told not to inject in my arms at all. Wait for it..... The nurse said my arms were to................... muscly!!!! HAHA you should see me. Not the well built typw :-)

I'm going for the stomach tonight and have used both the pen and manual injection. Truthfully I found the manual way less painful.

Take care and happy jabbing :-)


Yep I'm with you on the manual all the way.

Dont know if you saw my post Laine re autoject...I did it. Now I have the tee shirt its back in the cupboard.

It came up in a very strange angry looking lump that I never get manually, and it confirmed I'm still a control freak.

Yep I have done everywhere now,nothing has been too difficult---especially as my helpers have avoided all of them--guess this is life.

Glad it all appears to be going ok for you too Grazo...muscle is not an issue for me,its stretch marks.