auto inject not working advice appreciated

Hi my auto inject is not working properly, ive tried calling the delivery company for a new one but after an 1hr and 38 mins on hold I gave up. I usually do injections on a 6 setting does anyone have any advice if I have to manually inject tonight, how far do I push the needle in and do u push it in slowly etc. Many thanks zoe

Have you changed the batteries zoe? when they get low the injector can play up.

I dont use the auto inject myself. i manually inject and push the needle in slowly and all of the needle goes in.


I forgot to say that im on rebif so needle length may be different for copaxone/avonex.

Hi Zoe,

If you are on Copaxone, forget the delivery company, go direct to the Copaxone helpline
0800 085 1676
to get a new one. The recommendation is to change every 18 months.

Set your depth to 8. This should ensure that the needle actually gets just below the skin.
If you have to do it by hand, get just over half of the length of the needle in.

Anything else but Copaxone - better say what, and another member should be able to help you.


Many thanks its copaxone, I looked on utube and realised I wasnt clicking the needle in properly and did this and all ok tonight. Spoke to the copaxone helpline and advised I should be doing hips not bottom as ms nurse advised. Im on month 4 so should be an old hand by now. Oh well I think the ms nurse may just advise different areas. Thanks for replies xx