Copaxone - legs

Any tips about injecting in legs as they are really not pleasant, maybe it is time to change the site. I am seeing my MS nurse in two weeks but am not sure how much longer I can do my legs. Maybe I am doing something wrong? Helpful hints please.


when i was using copaxone (around 2010) there was a magazine for copaxone users, the mag gave a number for a helpline. i rang it and later the same day had a home visit by a copaxone specialist nurse. she encouraged me to adjust the depth. to be honest the jab was much more comfortable when deeper but i’m afraid that i’m a proper wuss and couldn’t bring myself to inject deeper every day. anyway if you have a number for copaxone helpline, give them a ring. if not, experiment with changing the depth. also i found it more comfortable to use the syringe without the autoject but again my wussiness got in the way. if you cannot bear to do your legs, then you could give them a miss until you see your nurse. as long as you rotate sites as much as possible and do the required number of shots you should be alright.


Are you very thin? That can sometimes cause problems - you go too deep and hit the muscle rather than just under the skin.

Also, are you using an auto injector? You could try setting that to a lower depth. Or do it slowly and gently without the auto injector.

Try sticking to other sites (bum, stomach, arms) for a couple of weeks, then try again with your leg.

Best of luck.


Thanks, yes using the autoinjector, not tried it manually maybe I need to give it a go. Average size with quite chunky legs. Will give your sound advice a go and see if that improves things. Mel

I’ve always thought the autoject devices cause more bruises and are basically a bit more violent than doing it by hand.

I’ve just restarted Copaxone after 12 years!! I’m doing it by hand in spite of the provision of an autojector.

I forgot that my arms always used to hurt and the first injection went straight into my left arm, even though that muscle’s been hurting just lately!! Duh! I’m an idiot sometimes!


Sue, quick question how do you gage the depth if doing it by hand. Does all the needle go in and is it best on a 90 degree angle.

I have had one or two bruises from the auto and have had lumps under skin.

I bet it is all coning back to you!


Hi Alberito when I manually inject, the needle should go all the way in and at a 90 degree angle. Grab a chunk of fat and then inject in the middle. After Sue, originally gave me the great tip, I never used the autoinject and I had also read from a few sites that it was more painful and left more bruising. Sue also advised me to keep the skin well moisturised.

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Hi Mel (And Hope)

I stick the needle all the way in and at approximately 90 degrees.

I do appreciate your votes of confidence in me; just remember, I’m not always right! Just another MSer, albeit of some years.

Sue x

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