injection copaxone

i have been on copaxone now for 3mth injecting all the areas it tells me to but why cant we inject are bottom atleast then no one will see are lumbs and bruises do anyone else inject they bottom …

hi vb

you’re supposed to inject the hip at the side. i used to do my bum but copaxone nurse told me to do side of hip.

tbh i havent noticed any lumps or bumps apart from my arms.

carole x

Thanks carol the lumbs have only started in last 2 weeks do you suffer with bruises mostly on the belly …

i used to get really bad cramps when i jabbed my belly - like period pains if i was being dramatic

also bad cramps when i did my legs, this felt like a pulled muscle and made it tricky to get downstairs

i’d started off doing them the way my ms nurse showed me but my gp advised me to do them deeper and that worked for a year.

however the jabs started hurting again so i rang the connections helpline and a copaxone nurse came to see me at home.

now i’m doing them much shallower and on side of hips

basically you just have to fanny about with the depth until you find the right one for you

carole x

I never inject my bum, I only do my belly, hips and thighs. I also only inject manually, in other words I don’t use the auto inject device. It’s my belief that by not using the auto inject I get less site reactions. If your brave enough try it manually, it’s a doddle.

I’ve been injecting Copaxone manually for 3 years. I do use certain parts of my butt, as I run out of areas that aren’t lumpy and painful. Not sure why it’s not a recommended injection site, but my logic is that its better to get it in me, than not! Would love to hear from anyone who actually knows why butt’s are off limits??

I use the auto-inject in my stomach (both sides) and hips if feeling supple and can bend round that far. Occasionaly I inject at the top of my buttocks on the right side but then walk it off a bit. Can’t do the left as a sholder injury on the left means lack of movement that way!

Thanks all …