Copaxone side effects

Hi. I’m hopefully just days from lumber puncture results and hopefully a diagnosis. Been told to think about my options and considering Copaxone but a couple of niggles regarding possible side effects and where to inject. I’m worried about the lumps & bumps it can cause in the fat layer under the skin and as my legs,arms and hips are very toned, I’m worried that only leaves my tummy ( which isn’t very toned - lol ) will I end up looking lumpy ?? The thought of self injecting does not appeal one bit but side effects seem the least problematic. Any advise ???

Thank you.

Hi Trix

When I last used Copaxone quite a few years ago, I was really very thin. And in those days it was a daily jab rather than 3 times a week.

Obviously I went for the places that did have a layering of fat, so aimed for my bum and thighs mostly, my stomach sometimes and almost never my upper arms as there simply wasn’t enough fat.

You must rotate your injection sites to avoid problems. But I never had any issues with injection site reactions, lumps or bumps.

In fact I’m about to restart Copaxone, this time with a decent layer of fat (sadly).

The actual injections ar simple to deal with I found. When you first start, it can be a bit daunting though. You almost have to force your hand (with your brain) to put the needle in. I never used an auto injection device by the way, I’m pretty sure that the best way to do it, especially if you are toned, is to use the needle yourself, it’s a lot more gentle. More people I’ve noticed with ISRs are autoject users.

If you give it a go and discover later that it’s not working for you, you can always switch to a different drug.


Thank you Sue. That’s really good to know. Still waiting on LP results, so feeling a bit on edge and tired. Just want to know now. LP done two weeks ago so should be any day.


Hi Tricia

I was diagnosed 7 weeks ago and today just started Copaxone, had my lesson from my MS nurse. I used the autoinjector but then its up to me if I prefer not to use it. The process I found easy and it didn’t really hurt although it did sting for quite a while after, I suppose I will get used to it not much choice really!

My nurse talked about lumps and bumps but as Sue said I have to rotate the injection sites which should help lessen them. Its all a massive learning curve and it has taken me a while to get my head round it all. Today starts a new chapter for me but its one I need to get on with.

I hope you get your LP results soon


Hi Mel. Thanks. Good to hear from someone who is going through same. Still waiting on LP result but it is just two weeks today that I had it done. I phoned yesterday but they are not on system yet. Good luck with your treatment, hope it becomes more bearable!