Copaxone - Auto Injector/syringes

Hi All Just wondered whether anyone noticed anything different? I only use the auto injector at weekends when my partner uses it for those hard to reach back of the arms. Over the last few months the auto injector has got slower and slower. When I inject sometimes the syringes are also hard to press too. Is it just me? Do the auto injectors start to wear out? Mark

The Copaxone nurse that visits me did suggest that the injector should be changed every 18 months to 3 years.

Of course, a slow injection could mean that the needle has met a hard lump under the skin (maybe caused by too many injections in the same place). I watch the little window to make sure that the red marker has gone past, and then give it a few more seconds. On one occasion it took a whole minute to deliver.


I believe the spring inside the injector does wear out over time, and the hard lump areas even make it worse

Copaxone usually sent me a new injector but I do it manually, find it much easier, as sometimes the autoinjector took forever, and I feel much more in control with doing it myself.

I was only using mine for a wk when I broke it! If you phone your delivery company they will send you a new one. I got mine in a couple of days.