i’ve been on copaxone for almost 5 years so i’m surprised to find this problem.

sometimes, maybe once a week, the auto injector doesnt seem to be working.

so i gave an orange a jab and it WAS working

i was trying to jab in my tum today and i really dread this injection site so when the auto inject “didnt work” i just did my thigh instead.

it isnt a real problem, just interesting i thought (then again i dont get out much)

carole x

Is it a new machine? Is it possible you have scar tissue from repeated injections that mean it can’t get through? x

Have you renewed your autojector? I’m on my third one since 2009 - something to do with the spring malfunctioning intermittantly and in my case was actually breaking the syringes… If you haven’t already renewed you just ask your delivery company to include one with the next delivery…