Looking for some Copaxone advice/help

Hi all,

im recently diagnosed and my consultant has started me on daily Copaxone injections. So far it’s day 3, first 2 days I used my tummy either side (all good no issue) and today I have used the top of the thigh. My question is I noticed a tiny bubble come out after removing the needle and since a rather large lump has appeared … I kept it at the same depth of 8 that my nurse advised does this mean I should have chosen a deeper depth perhaps for my thighs?

Hope a seasoned Pro can help me with this

Ali xxx

hi ali

you need to experiment with the depth.

you could also try doing the injection without the autoject. i tried but chickened out at the last minute.

a lot of people on here were doing it successfully.

try different depths according to were you have the most fatty meat.

whatever you do always rotate the injection sites.

i didn’t because after a few years some sites became painful and as i’m a chicken, i started to skip them.

ended up with lipotrophy and had to come off copaxone.

happy jabbing

carole x