Copaxone...Autoinject vs manual

Hey everyone! I’ll be starting my daily Copaxone injections in the next few weeks and was wondering what people’s views are about using the autoinjector as opposed to a manual injection. I can’t quite decide what I’d prefer to do as I hate the sight of needles but on the other hand worry that using the autoinjector would feel like someone had thrown a dart at me. Between a rock and a hard place! Decidions decisions! Claire

Hiya Claire

I manually inject as the noise of the auto injector makes me jump and pull the needle out too quick, also I can control the speed and depth of the injection (although you can change the depth on the auto injector).

My advice would be to try both ways and just see which suits you best, you won’t know until you try.

My other bit of advice is to use the little ice pack after the injection, if it stings a bit. Just get it out of the freezer while you’re getting your injection ready, then if it stings, it will be ready to use. Just place it gently on the site for a little while (1 or 2 mins is usually enough).

Good luck with it, you’ll be fine.



Hi Claire,

If you’re unsure, it would be best to try both. I have been taking Copaxone for about 3 weeks now and use the autoinjector only as I would hate the sight of putting a needle into myself. It does not hurt when the needle goes in and I find it easy to use.

Hope everything goes well!


I was on copaxone for a number of years and never used the auto injector. To me it seemed quite fiddly I worked as a nurse so was used to giving injections but totally different when self injecting but still prefered manual

I have been injecting with the auto injector since 2004. It seems to work well for me. I do not have a problem with needles, but the injector ensures the needle doesn’t go in to far. After the first week or two, it will become a habit and second nature. The only time I really felt the needle is in the tummy. Best places for me are the thighs and the bum, arms are harder for me. Just lik what has been said above, try both and decide. The injector is my preference though. Greg

Hey everyone! Thanks for all your advice, I really really appreciate it :slight_smile: My first delivery is arriving on Friday and will be trained in the art of self medicating next Thursday. Hopefully it’ll work out and it’ll just become par for the course. Take care Claire xxx