copaxone technique

Could someone who manually injects tell me how on earth I do my left hip when Im right handed? Ok its in but no idea if its the right place or how you can pinch the flesh and not jab yourself. To much info I know but there is a mass of stretch marks to miss so she said I had to do more towards my bum than usual.

If my son had seen me using his bedroom mirror to try and take aim he would of fainted…and my idea of my daughter doing them have failed as she is on college holiday and never at home.

So any help would be welcome as if I am able to drop a site it will be my legs so I need to find someway to do both hips-ish myself.

Cheers Pip

hi pip

i have always done them in my bum not my hips. thats easy to aim at (its a big one!)

i don’t do my stomach because its very painful and i’m a coward.

my ms nurse just said to do the other sites.

carole x

I used to do it similar to arm, hooking the flesh over the back of the chair!

Thank you both, I also have plenty of bum that would be easier and ggmarch that is one I will have to try…mind you our only suitable chairs are in front of the kitchen window so I shall probably have environmental health round.

Do you know why they say to do it in such difficult places when people like me have acres of spare flesh that is all too evident and is easy to reach?

Thanks again


I manually injected everywhere except my hips and for that I did use the auto inject just because I can’t twist around without setting off spasms. Can you use the auto inject just for those sites?


I’m possibly on copaxone in the next few months. This post makes me not so optimistic about it!

I have excess skin/stretch marks (used to be alot larger than I am now) so it will be interesting!


Hiya Belinda I would but I’m scared to death of using the autoject…I think I must be a control freak or something!!!

Craig please dont be put off these are just teething problems as it hasnt been a full week yet. There are much more positive posts between me and Laine on the new dx bit.

The copaxone nurse went all round showing me where I could do to avoid the stretch marks and offered to show me using a mirror where I could do round the back to also avoid them and I stupidly said no its fine my daughter will do those…she has so far never been at home when I needed her!!!

As I said before dont be put off as I have had no side effects at all and its literally a couple of minutes out of your day.

If I wasnt so fat and unfit it also wouldnt be an olympic event to reach round.

Thanks again for all your replies.


That’s the stuff I would have to use as I have epilepsy. I certainly wouldn’t turn it down if offered!!

LOL Pip, I sympathise. That’s why I preferred to manually inject too. I HATED the bang which the auto injector went off with. The first time I used it I jumped so much from the bang that I pulled the needle straight out again and sprayed copaxone all over my bed

But I ended up managing to put up with it for just those two sites and it really did make it eay. Load it up. Place it against the skin. Press, bang. HOLD it there!!! Pulll it away. Done…

Don’t panic too much about the stretch marks. I certainly hit more than one in my time on Copaxone and all it did was make a bit more of a lump than the non stretch marky skin. It wasn’t that big a deal. And for most women who have had children or gained weight injecting without hitting a stretch mark is nigh on impossible.

Also you don’t have to inject right around the back of the hips. You can inject on the sides at the tops of the love handles if you can’t reach to the back and the autoinject really is a no-go. It doesn’t really matter where you inject as long as you are rotating frequently.


Thanks for that…as for love hands I am well blessed so rotation is simple!!!

Arms today and then I will of jabbed everywhere.

I think its important that I do try the autoject as at times my hands havent really got any feeling in them, I shall have a mental picture of you and the spraying of the bed to distract myself.

Thanks again for the advice.


Glad my ineptitude will be of help to you

The only thing with the auto inject is to make sure you set it fairly deep. Too shallow a setting and it does tend to cause worse welts. But the depth setting is a bit of trial and error but err on the deeper the better. IF YOU ARE LIKE ME WHEN MANUALLY INJECTING YOU WILL BE DRIVING THE NEEDLE RIGHT INTO THE HUB ANYWAY, SO IF YOU USE THE AUTO INJECT BEAR THAT IN MIND… (Oh, bother, I hit Caps lock by mistake and I can’t be bothered retyping that. Sorry)

Good luck with what ever you do. By the way, I think you are very brave doing your arms. I found them too painful and never bothered… Also my thighs reacted badly so I ended up only doing tummy, hips and buttocks (backside with auto inject)

B x