Copaxone :)


I started using Capaxone a month or so ago everything is going well but I am not over happy when injecting my belly :frowning: I was told I can inject my upper arm’s, lower back, top of my leg’s and belly. I was wondering if anyone has used or know’s of any other injection sites? Just so I can bypass the belly day’s. My MS nurce is great but not alway’s easy to get hold of. Thank you for any advice Sam x

This might sound a bit dismissive, but it’s really not intended that way… just don’t do your belly!

Instead you can do more than one site on your legs (plenty of room after all) or on your bum/hips.

It really doesn’t matter where you inject as long as you are not doing the same site all the time - they need time to recover - the most important thing is that you are injecting every day.

Karen x

i was going to say exactly the same as karen.

i told my neuro and my ms nurse that my belly was painful when i did my jab.

they said that as long as i was doing a daily injection it didnt matter.

carole x

ps have you tried pinching some loose flesh and jabbing that? it sounds bizarre but it works.

I still have the copaxone nurse coming out once a month, and when she last visited she said to try another complete cycle,but if the lumps in my arms were still as big she would be telling me to avoid my arms completely.

So I really cant see why you couldnt miss your belly.

I find that the easiest bit as there is more than a bit of loose flesh!!

As the others have said its the having it daily that is the important bit. If you start to build yourself up to dreading one area you are more likely yo give up on it,so I would give your belly a miss.


Thanks for the advice everyone I will try pinching my chubby bit’s before the next jab & I will not be giving and make sure I still do one a day thank’s again :slight_smile: Sam x