Hi I looking for experiences with the drug Aumbago

side effects etc, as may consider changing from Tecfidera as I keep getting infections even though my bloods are not to low …

I asked my ms nurse advice avoiding bugs etc she said there’s nothing you can except take more vitamin c.

I wondered if anyone else on here had any ideas?

Many thanks

Ann x

Hello Ann

It looks like you’ve mixed up several different drug names!! The trouble is that there are quite a few DMDs now and all the names get confusing.

Did you mean Aubagio?

Have a look at You’ll find all the various drugs available on there. Obviously you don’t get a completely open choice, it depends how ‘active’ your MS is.

My own opinion (I haven’t taken it so this is a pure opinion based on what I’ve read) is that the only good thing about Aubagio is that it’s an oral therapy. And taking a tablet a day seems quite attractive, if all you are offered is the older style injectables (beta-interferons plus Copaxone), Tecfidera and Aubagio.

The problem for me is that Aubagio only offers an average 30% relapse reduction rate (which is roughly the same as the injectables) and has a long list of potential side effects.

Tecfidera has an average relapse reduction rate of 50%, so is a much more effective drug.

How long have you been taking Tecfidera? Is it possible that you’d get less colds etc in the spring/summer? As well as taking vitamin C, you could start using antibacterial hand gel (a lot), and try not to touch things with your fingers that other people have touched. Eg, use a knuckle on lift buttons, try to avoid using public loos, and make sure you use antibacterial gel after you have touched the door handle as well as washing your hands. Wipe everything that’s wipeable that you buy, wash all fruit & veg. Keep washing your hands and avoid touching your face too much.

All this as well as avoiding people with colds and small children (unless you have children, in which case you can’t avoid them!).

If you are convinced you need to swap drugs and your options are Aubagio and Betaferon or Copaxone, I’d consider Copaxone (unless you are phobic about needles), as it is very well tolerated by most people.

Best of luck with your choice.


Hi Ann I have been taking abagio for 14 months now, no bad side effects. Just had mri and compared to last years nothing has changed so I’m happy to keep taking it.