Treatment options

Hi guys - I had to stop tecfideria & back on copaxone 3 times a week injection - I feel my MS is going a bit downhill & getting a bit more active - any advice would be appreciated.

It sounds like you need something a bit more heavy duty. Have a look at if you haven’t already. Talk to your MS nurse or neurologist about getting on a drug that is more effective. What about Ocrevus? Or is that ruled out because of the risk of neutropenia? (Ie if you stopped Tecfidera because of lymphocyte depletion.) Or Cladribine? Tysabri? Or is that right off the options at present?


Thanks Sue - was thinking that if tecfidera was ruled out so might some of the other drugs - i was only offered copaxone or aubagio - but aubagio inlvoles alot of blood tests, which I didn’t fancy to be honest - will definitely have to discuss my options, as I’ve notices a deterioation in my cognative ability as well - can’t remember things and even struggle to find my car in the car park now at Tesco’s or the leisure centre…

Personally I think Aubagio is a poor choice of DMD (may suit some - just my opinion). It has a fairly low relapse reduction rate and a long list of potential side effects. So the risk/benefit ratio is a bit too iffy. Some of the more effective drugs also have quite a lot of possible side effects, but at least the potential benefits are worthwhile (Ocrevus has a potential 70% relapse reduction rate). I can definitely see why you chose Copaxone over Aubagio, but if it’s not working, then a change should be on the cards for you.

In your position Redman, I’d read up on all the Category 1.2 and Category 2 drugs, then discuss your options with your MS nurse and/or neurologist. If you’ve had Tecfidera and Copaxone but are still relapsing, then a more effective DMD should be on offer.


Thanks Sue - funny a guy at work who’s wife has MS (pretty bad) and has the same neuro as me said I should be pushing for a stronger treatment to keep me as well as I am - great advice by the way


What about mavenclad? I’m changing from tecfidera to this one

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My neuro said he would discuss my options - I haven’t heard of mavenclad - wonder is available in Northern Ireland / UK

Mavenclad aka Cladribine. Sometimes the drugs are better known by their trade name, and other times by the name of the active drug.


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Thanks Sue

Yes it should be. It’s fairly new. I asked my neuro regarding it being available there and he said it is.