Atos assessment

Hi everyone

Ive got an assessment with Atos for PIP soon, I was just thinking, does anyone know if I would be allowed to record the assessment? I think it would be good to reflect on the assessment and to listen what has been said. It may also be of use for future appeals, passing pointers on to others to give an idea of what to expect etc.

I cant think of any reason why I couldn’t be allowed to do this as it will involve me and should be fully open to examination later as the DWP will be doing. Any thoughts anyone?

The DWP have issued a factsheet about this.

Google - “audio policy –information for claimants”

In a nutshell you need their permission and have to request this in advance. If you are using your own equipment it has to be “appropriate” and can provide two copies of the recording. In other words – not your mobile!

If you are a member of Benefits and Work they have a letter template that you can use to request the recording of your assessment.


Many thanks Jane.

Looks like they got it all covered.