asda checkout girl


at my local asda the checkout girl asked me if i was alright. i was just over tired and explained.

she said that she could tell that i had some kind of medical condition.

so i told her it was ms and i needed to rest.

she was ever so understanding and told me that she has cystic fibrosis (which in my opinion is far worse than ms)

it was good to see her today being helped by the supervisor because she was struggling to get her wheelchair out from behind the till.

well done asda supervisor and checkout girl.

carole xx

Ah what a sweetie! When I go to the foot clinic, the receptionist is in a wheelchair. we chat, but i did ask her if she felt the cold and she said she did. I suggested she try a fleece over her knees and she said in a very firm way I dont want to use a fleece!` I felt awful for mentioning it and decided not to say anything else, that might give us a common link.

But I do feel kind of guilty that she is working and i`m not. daft innit, as we probably suffer from wildly diffferent problems, which affect us differently.

I`ll just smile and announce my arrival next time.

Cant win em all, eh?

luv Pollx

yes poll, the asda girl is only young. isnt it unfair?

sounds like the receptionist in the foot clinic perceives a blanket as something for old people. to heck with it, if you’re cold use a blanket!!

luv carole x

Hi Poll,

I can understand the “no fleece” comment all too well.

I have been determined not to use anything that would make me look like an invalid. I’m just a normal person in a wheelchair –right? However this cold snap might just have done me in. I’ve got a fantastic calf length down coat and Ugg boots but I must admit to looking for something to put over my knees. My pride is really not worth shivering for. But I get where she is coming from – especially at work.

As for feeling guilty that you are not at work …. Poll we need you here, you don’t have time to go to work!