Artificial Grass (Not MS and not Satiivex)

I am thinking of getting my lawn replaced with artificial grass. Does anyone have any experience of this?


know someone who has it done,she is delighted with it,make sure you dont get a cheap one that fades in the sun,she was told by guy that laid hers,he has been at a few replacing them,as they got a cheaper option,but over all she is very happy with it,and it looks better than she thought it would

Thanks for the reply wellman.


Spend as much as you can, and have a butchers at some of the stuff which has been down for yonks. You may need an extension cable for your hoover.


Thanks woblyboy.

I’ll consider that advice about the hoover.


Hiya Des

Not personally but I was in Edinburgh yest and they were laying it in Princes Street gardens!

Are you joining us on 3rd April at The Arches?

Ellie x

Hi Ellie.

I’ll see how work goes.


Friends had it laid last year and so far are highly delighted, looks very realistic too. Ann