Robot lawn mower

Inspired by the posts about robot vacuum cleaners I googled robotic lawn mowers (Getting fed up waiting for the rain to stop and my sons availability to coincide) at a cost of upwards of £900.00 I guess I’ll just have to learn to be patient. Having said that has anyone got one and would they recommend buying one? Also I think I read somewhere on here that you can claim back VAT on certain items, could it be claimed for robotic aids such as vacuums and mowers? I can dream can’t i? After all it’s what I do every time I put the lottery on… Jan

It would be cheaper to employ a gardener - or at least a grass cutter, Jan! Mine has recently raised his rates to £19 an hour (more than I ever got paid for graduate level work!), and does about two hours’ a month. However, it’s only from about March/April to October time. He doesn’t come at all in Winter, so it’s not a year round expense. Not cheap, but you could still get a lot of gardener visits for £900! I don’t think I’d chance a robot mower, even if they became more affordable. The layout is all open plan round here (like Brookside, for those who still remember that), so I’m not sure how I’d pen my mower in, and stop it going off down the street and causing an accident.

I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be VAT exempt, either, but would be regarded as a luxury item, not a disability aid.


…errr …what if you don’t have a robotic lawn ?



i am with tina on this one

my regular gardner is very poorly-all treatment now stopped-just yesterday he gave me the contact details of the new gardner thats going to attend to his own garden for the future (for now and when he is gone)

the new guy is going to do it for me. i guess thats one of the benefits of being in rural area-and lets me support local business.


with the robotic mowers you have a cable that you bury around the edge of your lawn and it won’t cross the wire, so setting one up isn’t as easy as setting up a robo hoover. Some of the robo mowers are remote control so you don’t need to bury a cable for them but you would need to sit and make it mow the lawn. But I’d also agree with Tina, hiring a gardener would be a better choice.

Thanks for the responses, I guess a good moan at my son is in order. Does anyone remember The Jetsons? I really did believe we would be living like that by now ! Hope everyone is having a good day. Jan

NO but then I havent checked tonight euro millions ticket numbers its the first euro ticket we have bought but 83 million tempted me

forgot to add if I have won I wont worry about trying to claim the VAT back