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I was just wondering if anyone has got the electrical ELAP radial accelerator adaption for their car? Or the manual one? How much did you have to pay for them? I am devastated at the price I’ve been quoted :frowning: nearly £1000 for the electric one, and £400 for the manual. I can’t afford that every 3 years/wouldn’t to assume I could, and I just can’t use the pushpull one that’s free :’( Stupid MS, I’m fed up of not driving, I feel so selfish being chaufeurred around everywhere by my husband. Thanks if anyone replies… but the board looks like it’s fairly dead recently…x

*wouldn’t want to assume

Hi Oh Well,

The price on the electrical one does seem a little over the top but the manual one is about wright, i spoke to somebody at Disability Direct in Derby and they have suggested to try and get a grant to try and help out with it, you will be surprised by the amount companys their are to assist with helping you even if you have never worked for them you need to go back over where you have worked over the years which i know is a bit hard, i am in the middle of trying to get assistance from the M.S society by way of a grant so fingers crossed i would contact your local M.S centre and see if you can get a grant through them but you will have to be on certain benifits to be able to apply.

Here is a website to hopefully help you with the pricing of the adaptions you need the Motoring with Multiple Sclerosis

brochure, also if you want the centre nearest to you try Forum of Mobility Centres freephone 08005593636 hope this goes somewhere to helping you with your issue but as i mentioned you need to be on certain benifits.

I have just realised that you said you don’t want to pay for the adaption every 3yrs which means you have a Mobility car i didn’t twigg that you can get a certain amount of assistance towards cost when its a Mobility car .


I use the Jeff Gosling manual push/pull controls and find them easy to use. I have a motability car which covered the cost of the controls so it didn’t cost anything. I think Motability can provide grants to pay for things like more expensive adaptations so you could give them a call to find out. Or you could try your local branch of the MS Society as they may be able to contribute to the cost.

Hope you find the funding from somewhere.


Hi, are you on Motabolity. Sounds like you are, if you are renewing every three years. The push/pull accelerator/brake if have on my car is free via Motabolity. Are you sure you have to pay for this adaptation. I did pay In the past (maybe 7 or8years ago) for an adaptation but then I was told that notability had made all adaptations free and I have had it done free the past few cars I have had. Also, if your car is low mileage you do not have to renew every 3 years but can extend the lease for a further 1 or 2 years. I am just away to do this myself. Cheryl:)

Just given an order today, for accelerator pedal adaptation, on a new car.

Quoted price £375.00,fitted, no vat of course I would rather not have to pay it on top of the car price, but I thought it to be a reasonable amount.

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