Anyone suffering from Pemphigoid?

Hi All I was wondering if anyone else is suffering from Pemphigoid? My mother who has PPMS has had this for nearly a year and has been on steroids for nearly 9 months. Problem is once she weans off the steroids they flare up again. She has just started a course of Azathioprine so hopefully cross fingers this will help. Just wondering if anyone else has had this and could give some advice on other form of remedies. Thanks Chrissy

Chrissy, lt looks very distressing. And l see it is yet another auto-immune disease - l am wondering if a high dose Vitd3 would help like it does for psoriasis/fybromyaligia. lts worth a try.

Wow, Chrissy l just googled Pemphigoid and Vitamin d3 - and yes lots of info - treatment is Vit d3 and Calcium - Vitamin d3 in a high dose. l have a friend with rheumatoid arthritis and now fybromyaligia. And the recommended treatment for that is a huge dose of vitamin d3. Have a look for yourself.

No, this is a serious condition. Ttreatment is by steroids and steroid cream to suppress the immune system and stop new blisters from forming. If steroids are given for longer than a month Vit and calcium may be given prevent osteoporosis but it is not a primary treatment for the condition. My grandfather had it.

Hi Chrissy, I think I replied to your thread in the PPMS section this afternoon… x