My recent relapse started just 3 weeks ago. I had steroids perscribed by my doctor. No improvement to speak of, but after years of being ‘well’ I have numbness over most of my torso, legs and patches on my face as well as a ‘dizzy’ head. After the shock of this relapse I’ve decided to take ownership of this disease so I did some reading and decided that i’d change my diet and have my blood tested. My gp was sceptical, but she did it anyway and today I got my results… completly deficient in Vitamin D!!! Also in sulphate (I think) so looks like I’ll be picking up my heavy duty in the morning, my thyroid is ok, but prob due to the fact I’m already on 125mg. Also found I was low in sulphate and a bit of a problem with my liver. But as I’ll be going tee total I’m hoping that’ll improve unless its a virsus like the doctor thinks.

That should say folate not phosphate!

the vit D has been proven to help with ms, cancer and many other diseases.

hope you see the benefits very soon.

carole xx

also stick your mushrooms out in the sun for an hour!

see post “mushrooms”

I saw that post. Very interesting. I’ll give try. X