Anyone suffering with Pemphigoid?

I was wondering if anyone else is suffering with Pemphigoid. My Mother who has PPMS has had this for over a year and they dont seem to clear. She’s been on steroids for nearly 9 months now and once she starts weaning off the tablets they flare up again? Just intrigued if anyone else has this symptom? Is it connected to MS? Can anyone recommend any other remedies? Thanks Chrissy (Concerned Daughter)

Hi Chrissy, had to google it. I have never heard of it in MS before so it’s not a common symptom.

However I see it’s an autoimmune condition and so is MS.

If you google ‘Pemphigoid and MS’ you will see that there has been research into it and there does seem to be a connection they just don’t know what. But it does appear that some people with MS do get it.

I’m putting this link on which explains what Pemphigoid is for other users:

Is your mum able to use a computer? Would be lovely if she could come on and join the gang. Tell her she’ll be very welcome. We’re a small gang but friendly and give each other a lot of support.

Hope she gets some relief from it soon. Sounds terrible.

Pat x

Hi Chrissy,

Yes, it would be great to have another member, give it some thought both of you.

Cant help with your question, sorry, but Pat has left a link, will take a peek at that.

Pam x

Hi Chrissy,

I had this a couple of years ago. It eventually went on it own. I hope it goes soon.

Take care


Hi Chrissy

I had to follow the link to check it out too. I knew I’d heard of it but needed to refresh memory. I’m sorry I don’t know a great deal about it, and as Pat said it could be related due to immune system. You might get a better response in the “Every day living” section of the forum as I imagine it won’t be isolated to ppms sufferers.

I hope you do keep in touch with the forum, it’s a lovely friendly place where you don’t have to have a problem to submit a post. We love to hear good news too and can be a helpful resource as everyone here has some experience of ms and you can ask anything without being afraid or embarrassed as we’re all in the same boat and the waters change all the time.

Take care, Cath xx

I did have a look on the LDN trust website and on their list on conditions, there is a mention of Pemphigus and I think it’s the same thing… but I’m at work so difficult to look in more detail. LDN certainly can be used for a whole host of autoimmune diseases. I started it for MS but the most effective thing it’s done for me is sorted out my tummy problems which might be a form of crohns (also something it can help with!) and I won’t stop taking it for that alone :wink:

Anyway, have a look Chrissy as it’s a really safe drug and makes your body produce more endorphins. It’s full name is Low Dose Naltrexone (and I should have copied the website link but I’m trying to sneak this at work!) If you google LDN trust it’ll come up tho.

Hope it’s of some help

Sonia x