anyone remember Anu ?

just saw a very old post on EL from 2011 and Anu answerd, the post was just wondering if anyone knows how she is,she helped me such a lot when my brother was very ill.hope shes ok, i wonder quite a bit how folks are i talked to .years ago.

J x

I recall the name Mrs J, but have no info, sorry. Perhaps someone else will have an answer.

hope your mouth is feeling better.

Pam x

thanks Pam thought this morning it might be infected, but dont think it is,i think it was this sore throat bug starting.

J x

I remember the name J but don’t know what happened to her. Quite a lot of people have dropped off since I’ve been on here… like you I wonder how they’re doing. Remember Lizzie Sparks? She was great but disappeared I think at the time when we had the new forum.

Hope your mouth improves soon. Are you using salt water for mouthwash?

Pat xx