For Steve Snore

Hi Steve,

There are people here who are wondering about how you are. We know that you probably don’t feel like chatting but we wanted to let you know that you’re in our thoughts.

If anyone has the private contact details for Steve would they please pass this message on. Thank you.

Best wishes.

The gang.


Oh I second that Anthony. I keep popping in to this section of the forum, hoping to see some news of Steve.

I miss him and his wonderful witty writing.

I do hope he’s doing well. And hopefully someone will have a way of contacting him, or maybe he’s not up to writing but can read bits and pieces from the forum.


And I third it!! Thank-you Anthony for putting this message up. Anne x

Hello good people. Thanks for the support. Last week was a bit dreadful and I am now entering week 3. An infection has left me hit by a bus. I’m just getting some strength back. I’ve been encouraged by the progress and the staff are amazing. I will be back.


Hi Steve

Sorry to hear about your infection, hopefully you have turned the corner now (((hugs)))

Glad to hear from you, take care and rest as much as you can, these infections are real blighters and knock the stuffing out of you, keep your chin up buddy.

Pam x

Hi Steve it was nice to receive an update. Sorry to hear that an infection has made you feel so poorly. Hopefully the worst is now over and you will start to feel better very soon. Sue

Hope the infection clears soon and you start feeling stronger soon, sending positive thoughts.

Jan x

Take care out there Steve. I’m not an Iodine sales rep, it’s natures ingredient. Keep cosy & resist them germs. You’ve been through a lot this year & the future is looking awesome. From sub zero to sweltering, keep it real. Terry

Good to hear from you Steve x

I’m glad you’re on the mend at least but rotten to deal with infections. Take care and hope you continue to recover quickly.

Sonia x