Hi All. Hope you are all doing ok. Anyone know where or how Steve is? He hasn’t been on here for a while. Concerned … Anne. X…


I can’t remember his user name but it will come to me once i stop trying to remember.

He used to write a blog.

C x

Do you mean Steve snore? He’s been quiet on Primary Progressive too. He last wrote about having problems with his carers.

Jan x

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Yes Steve Store. I hope he is ok. He is usually on here all the time. If you are reading this Steve…sending hugs. Anne xx

Hi All Just worked out it is over 3 weeks since Steve was on here. Very unusual. Can we keep an eye out for him please? He is such a big part of our community. Xx

Very unusual for Steve. I hope he’s alright.

If anyone has an email address or any other way of contacting him, would you? Then let the rest of us know. It’s very strange that sometimes it takes a few days to notice the absence of someone. But when you do (and knowing about his recent ill health) it soon goes from a casual ‘where is Steve’ to ‘OMG, I hope he’s OK!!’

If you’re reading this Steve, but are unable to post, the whole community is rooting for you (the old timers anyway!)


I think Steve was due some more chemo or similar for his illness. He did talk about getting a hospital bed and a hoist. he also saidd his carers werent great.

I too hope Steve is alright.