Anyone in the Berkhamsted area?


I’m brand new to this forum. I was diagnosed in 1996 with relapse-remissive and I feel my condition is really affecting both my personal and profession lives. I find it difficult to speak to many people about MS - for two key reasons: a lot of what I want to discuss is very personal and secondly because people are often unaware of the nature / implications of the condition. Indeed, a stock reply I get when telling someone new is…“Oh, I think I know someone - who knew someone - who died of that!”. I really want to sit down and just have a chat with someone who understands the situation. Hope someone can help.



i have no idea where u r but theres usually someone lurking if u have a specific question… ellie

ps i know someone that died of a drink problem-was hit by a tennants truck, boom boom (the old ones are the best eh?!)

If you click on “Near me” above you should find details of your local branch which I think will be West Herts branch. Do make contact with them. Good luck.


I’m in Aylesbury originally from amersham. Not diagnosed with ms as yet but had transverse myelitus 3 years ago.

I know there’s a group of people who meet at the swan in old amersham.