Anyone in the East Midlands?

Hey I’m 27 male with RRMS was diagnosed in 2012, just wanna chat or meet with other MS sufferers

I used to be so confident and cheeky, always getting all the girls and living a beautiful life

now just feel very alone :frowning: x


Whereabouts in the East Midlands are you? Have you tried contacting either your local MS Society branch or MS Therapy Centre. I am in the East Midlands but there is a bit of an age gap between us. However I’m sure there are others out there who you’ll have more in common with.

Good Luck!


Hey Anne, Iv not got the guts to go to the MS places as feel a bit ashamed with it :frowning:

i know I shouldn’t but it’s made life hard, where abouts are you from? Loll how old are you? X

Oh and Leicester loll