Am I on my own?

Hello, I have relapsing remitting MS, diagnosed fully 2009 but had it since 2005, it is an absolute **** to live with… I was just wondering if anyone lived close by and wanted a friend / penpal in the east midlands… Love and hugs to all x x x

Hi, I don’t live near you (I’m in Yorkshire), but you will find loads of helpful and chatty people here, and we all understand how lonely and fed up you can feel. You will find things a bit light_hearted here, theres always some pos wwith jokes or kind words to put a smile on your face! Feel free to PM me anytime Lynne x

Hey you, just nice to talk to someone… Fantastic, don’t want to get all down, would rather keep Laughing / smiling x x x

Yes it is s**t to live with. I’m in Loughborough if you ever wanted a chat. Take care Mark