Anyone in Leicester?

I’m 24 and have MS - would love to meet some people in the Leicester area that also have MS! Not even necessarily to talk about it, just to know other people with it that are coping and enjoying life :slight_smile:

Hi gb,

No I don’t live in Leicester but just wanted to say hi.



Yay !!! Me neither. But went to del monte uni there for three years. Even visited the std clinic when me plums went numb. (Ms thang, not arm wrestling thing…) Happy days !! Got dx the year after I left… St Martins took a lot of my holiday job money, plus that other record shop near Sector 5 I can’t remember the name of… All getting lost in the mist of time…

Hi Gb

im in Loughborough. Was dx in June but I am rather a lot older than you lol.

After the ball ? :wink: