Anyone in east London

Hello guy, hope you are as best as can be!

I'd like to meet and just generally chat to other people with MS. I have relapsing remitting MS, but I would like to meet other sufferers with any form of it. So if there is anyone in east London, and would like to meet for a chat, add me as a friend and we could possibly meet up. On previous experiences, it has really helped me sharing my experiences and hearing other peoples experiences with MS, though our MS isn't exactly the same, we do understand each other to an extent! And I would like to gather more information for my presentation about MS at college, and possibly some help too!


Thanks, just add me if interested and we can discuss things further! Though it will be quite some time before anything happens because I must get my exams out the way first!

Quite excited and look forward to hearing from anybody!

Thanks again cool



No-sorry-am up in Scotland BUT I dont like to see a post with no replies letdown

Hope you get some response-my reply should bring you back to the front page for all to see thumbsup

Ellie x


Im not from East London but the beautify of this site is you can chat to people from this country and further afield.  I do hope you find someone in your neck of the woods, if not ask, share & we can give you some support.


Msers are a friendly bunch of people with lots in common as we each try live our lives to the full through thick and thin.  Any help, fire away..............we are listening.


Best wishes




I live in Maidstone, that's not that far away, where abouts in East London?



Thanks chocorange! Hackney if you have ever heard of it? Next door to the olympic site?


Have heard of Hackney but to far away to drop in for a chat and a cuppa!! I pass it on my way to Moorfields eye hospital.


That isn't far away, do you visit Moorfields regularly? It's about 20 minutes by bus from where I live. Depending on Londons infamous traffic!


I could try pop down for a chat sometime? If you are a regular at Moorfields.



This gym in Bow might be of intterest.