Anyone in London close to someone with MS?

Hi All!

This is the first time I have been on here. It does seem quite quiet on the carers section. No doubt you are all too exhausted to have time to post!

My mum has secondary progressive ms (wheelchair bound, partially sighted, trigeminal neuralgia etc) and was diagnosed when I was born 34 years ago. My father cares for her along with a carer every morning. Both my parents are incredibly stoic and just get on with things. They rarely ask for my help or my brother’s. Though I am not involved in daily care the kind of things my mum has to go through makes me feel incredibly sad for her. It can also be bloody scary.

She’s recently broken her leg so I’ve been down to help out more than usual and I guess it’s brought in to focus what the future might (probably) hold and the slightly more temporary agony/frustration of her current situation. I don’t ever talk about this with anyone as obviously I need to be as strong as poss for my parents and my friends and colleagues just don’t get it. To be fair to them I rarely mention anything. This can feel quite isolating I guess!

Id love to have the odd pint with anyone in the london area who might be in a similar situation. I don’t really want to go and moan about ms for hours but it would be cool to know some people who understand the implications of ms. Sorry this is a huge post!

Massive respect to all you carers out there. You are legends.

Emma I’m sorry I really can’t help except to suggest you get in touch with your local MS group and ask them if there is anything they can suggest.

We have had problems with the site these last few days so your post might have slipped by unnoticed.

Good luck

Jan x

Thanks Jan! Sorry I’ve only just noticed your reply myself!

No worries, my diet is obviously working

Jan x