Anyone help?....Pain when sleeping or trying to!


Does anyone out there suffer from a type of ‘pressure pain’ when sleeping? I have been suffering this for years. After about 1:30am (2 ½ hour after going to bed) I tend to wake with a type of ache/burn pain in my hip (I sleep on my right side). I turn on to my back and then wake again 1 hour later with bottom aches and then back on to my side again. Pain. This carries on through the night every 45mins to an hour. Every night. I am waking up about 8 times a night for the past few years. Aaggggh!

Gabapentin/Pregabalin does not help. I have even bought toppers, new mattress etc.

My physio and MS consultant cannot crack it.

So that’s my question. Can anyone relate to this problem and found meds that have help with type of ‘pressure pain’ when sleeping?

Or I think this is just another MS thing I have to live with. Even though I cannot sleep with it. Hmmm.



hi marty

have you got any visible sores on the side which you sleep on?

if so, ask gp for help with it.

is there anything that your gp could prescribe as an anaesthetic, e.g. diazepam.

my gp prescribed it for me as an anaesthetic after i had a bad reaction to my lumbar puncture (it seems that my body didn’t like having my cerebro spinal fluid taken). it was a short course (one week only) but helped tremendously.

hope you get it sorted, being unable to sleep really faffs your body up!

good luck

carole x

This happens to me too. It’s not every night and usually around 4am and then it won’t go until I get up. It occurs in my hip and in my legs. I take amitriptytline and pregabalin but they don’t help with this. I can’t offer any help, just wanted you to know you’re not alone!

Sarah x

Yes every night I was going to ask the same thing . I was hoping to try gabapentin to see if that would help but have not yet . I got tramadol the other week helps a bit but don’t hold your breath this pain is a nightmare to control . Baclofen helps a bit but again you wake when it wears off . It’s really a difficult one . I sleep with a pillow between my legs that helps support .

I’m interested to hear if anyone has the answer s to this misery of a pain !!!

Hi Marty, I suffer exactly as you have described. I have always thought it was spasms happening while sleeping and as you described would wake up with them. Diazapam helps me hugely with this I take 5mg before I go to bed and while it can still happen not nearly as bad as if I forget to take it.

good luck,

Ann xx

I don’t experience pain in the night but if I have difficulty sleeping I take paracetemol and that knocks me out.

Have you been checked for Arthritis?

Jan x


this happens to me , I dont get it every nioght but believe tiredness takes over, fine if i get up and walk around it helps ease it , i also cannot take MS meds they make my MS worse.

Thanks, Sarah. ‘You’re not along.’ Sounds like X files. I suppose MS is a bit …mysterious.


Physio was suggesting a steroid injection in the hip and pressure bed but going by the comments above it looks like there is no solution.

Thank you very much people it has helped me make a few decisions.


I get this unless I turn over regularly. Is it possible for you to sleep on your other side? I know the answer may be no.

I’ve had this too. Both the burning type of pain especially in my right hip (sleeping on that side) and spasms. Changing position does help but amitriptyline does too. I try to lay on my left side but often can’t manage to get to a comfortable position. I’ve learnt to sleep on my back for some of the night to help with this. I also habitually put one 10mg amitriptyline and one 10mg Baclofen in a small pot near the bed that I take during the night for when I’m woken up by pain and discomfort (or just woken up before pain actually starts). It’s easy to knock them back then go back to sleep - rather than have to put the light on in order to select the correct tablet from all the packets in the drawer. I’ve just had clonazepam prescribed for spasms so I’m hoping that will help too. If all else fails - or if I’ve had a couple of bad nights - I take a zopiclone sleeping pill. Hope you get something sorted, it’s awful being wide awake and hurting in the middle of the night, it makes a big difference to waking hours if your fatigue level is even worse because of poor sleeping.


Clonazepam is a sleeping pill as well - although they didn’t tell me that when they prescribed it for the leg twitching that was waking me up at night. I generally get pretty good sleep, since I’ve been on it. A bit worse recently, with having to turn over more because of the pain if I sleep too long on one side.

I was told it should also help with sleep. I’m really glad I’ve got it and am cautiously thinking it might make all the difference to my sleeping.

Hi I’ve tried pregablin and gabapentin. Also amitryptiline and was at a loss. Then I tried duloxetine. Oh my god this is my blessing. Before i couldn’t sleep and sometimes in the day the pain would be so bad id almost pass out. Try duloxetine it really has changed my life!!!

hi, i have virtually the same problem, for the first few years after my ms really kicked off, i would wake up to a pain in the base of my spine and into my pelvis that would be so intense that i’d immediately feel nauseous. it felt like my sacrum was being crushed and a burning pain radiated out from it into my pelvis. i don’t know how i got through the time without going completely doolally.

i’m on all sorts of pain meds. for all the ‘usual suspects’ types of pain, but this particular problem (which is lowered by baclofen, for a few hours longer than without it) didn’t finally get to a manageable place until i’d worked out a stretching routine. i’m lucky enough to still be able to get myself to a seated position on the floor, getting back up is getting increasing comical, of course, i stretch out as many muscles in my back and round the sides of my pelvis as i can. over time, i worked out a routine that actually works for me. i was lucky if i could sleep for 2 hours at a time, in the early days, but now i can generally sleep for 5-7 hours a night. when i’m having a bad pain run this invariably drops a lot, but i sometimes find that going through my stretches, allows me to get a bit more sleep. i’m a dab hand at virtually sleep-stretching.

i hope you find something that works as well for you really quickly.


I get this kind of pain some nights, my consultant thinks it’s spasms during the night. I take clonazepam for it, seems to do the trick x

Yes i have this, the hip pain its agonising waking up with it. I even changed my mattress thinking it was that.

The one thing that has helped mine is 2mg Diazepam when i wake up at night. Funny enough since taking it i have it rarely now.

I have no idea what it was but it was very painful. I do wonder if it is caused through a strain though from walking. I have left side weakness and my right hip was the painful one at night. I wonder if it has something to do with that. Anyway mine has settled for now with diazepam.

Hi Vicky

Hmmm…interesting. Never heard of Duloxetine. Saying that. I don’t know most of the names of these ‘sweeties’

I will look into this one.




Another one to think about and check out… Diazepam.

Thank you.