Anyone go to MSS Haringey group at Ally Pally?

I know it’s last Sunday of each month… so thinking of going tomorrow. Anyone else on here going? :?: Pat x :slight_smile:

Hi Pat - I have only ever been there once and decided it wasn’t for me. Things may have moved on from then and I was thinking of giving it a second chance, not this month tho’. Please send me a PM with feedback if you go. Here’s hoping its a good experience for you Susi

Hi Susi, thanks for response. I’ve never been and you’re the second person I’ve heard say ‘it wasn’t for me’… makes me curious :? . Anyway I’m going along this morning just to check it out. Would be nice to meet some MSers in the flesh for once! I did email the contact on website and Friday morning and heard nothing back… doesn’t bode well. Also I did join the Haringey branch a few years back and think I received one newsletter and nothing since! I’ll let you know how it goes… bit nervous actually… :roll: Pat x