Anyone ever fallen backwards?

Good morning, it’s a lovely sunny day where I am. Hope you’re all feeling as well as you possibly can.

I fell last night, not unusual as I’m sure many of you will understand, however what was unusual was that I fell backwards. That’s never happened before. What worries me is that falling backwards is an early symptom of PSP. Surely not even I could be unlucky enough to have that as well!

I’ve got a big bump on the back of my head where it hit the radiator … Ouch!

Good morning Flowerpot,

I have PPMS and when I get particularly dizzy you know if things start swimming too much then I can fall in any angle to be honest, and I have fallen backwards, and my limbs just don’t move quick enough to help me, nor are they prob string enough to help me.

But your still best mentioning it the doc or something?

Enjoy your sunshine, it’s still to find it’s way to us in Scotland, well where I am anyway

Hope your head is better soon!

Polly xxx

hi flowerpot

i have fallen backwards and even fallen upstairs (rather than downstairs).

it is postural hypotension that made me fall backwards, cracking my head open on the kitchen floor!

just my general strangeness that made me fall upstairs.

but we still keep on going.

carole x

Hi Flowerpot,

Sorry to hear of your fall …Like Little Red, I get so dizzy these days that I can fall in any direction and no longer have enough strength in my arms to cushion a fall.

Pardon my ignorance, but what does PSP stand for? (…that kind of negates the idea of using initials as a time-saver, when someone doesn’t know what the initials mean )


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I think flowerpot is talking about progressive supranuclear palsy, which is a rare neurodegenerative disease. Now blow your nose and wipe your tears Dom :slight_smile:

Hi Flowerpot,

Almost but saved by the garden chair behind me. Trying to move sideways (often around my dogs who always want to be there) is when I have the most near misses as I don’t always wear the FES device in the house, resulting in the outside edge of my left foot not clearing the ground :frowning:

Hope your heads not too sore and the radiator is still on the wall.


Have never fallen backwards ( forwards often enough - probably as a result of foot drop ) but I have balance issues standing with my eyes closed and then I do feel as if I am going to fall backwards.

Thank you all. I have dropped foot so falling forwards and upstairs, when I could still manage them I’m used to, but this was different. I hadn’t felt dizzy, but was standing having just got ready for bed, so my crutches were leaning on the wall rather than me leaning on them. Maybe my knees or hip gave way, it was very sudden. My left leg is the weakest, but now there are signs of arthritis in my right hip so I suppose it could have been that letting me down.


I hope you are not too sore Flowerpot. ((((((hugs))))))

Oh thanks Blossom. I’m a bit stiff and my head is ok as long as I don’t touch it. I’ll have to tell the hairdresser to be gentle with me tomorrow, but I’m determined not to cancel that. X

Don’t cancel your hairdresser Flowerpot…a girl needs that :slight_smile: my hairdresser is due next week. She comes to my home, does yours? We have a right good natter and gossip…good gossip of course :slight_smile:

Aw Flowerpot… Sorry to hear of your fall mate…

Who knows what causes us to fall in various ways… I suppose it depends on which part of our body or brain decides to rebel! I don’t think I have fallen backwards except if I try to stand with my eyes closed… I fell backwards in Yoga once this way… I simply can’t stand up & close my eyes… Strange!

Hugs & wishing you well

Tracy xx

I still drag myself into the salon. The step at the door is a challenge, but everyone is very kind. I cant need the loo when I’m there though, can’t manage the stairs. Trim and roots tomorrow.


I’ve fell backwards flowerpot, a few times. They stand out for me more than “normal” falls cos it was always a strange fall. First time I was standing at my back door letting my fur baby out for a peepee. Next thing I’m lying flat on my back and thd back of head felt like it was exploding in pain. It was pretty scary that particular fall actually cos my head was a burning hot pain where I’d thumped it on the kitchen floor. But no knees giving way, tripping over things/drop foot/stiff legs no moving quick enough. I just fell. It wasn’t nice but I am glad to say that I’ve only fell backwards on 3 seperate occasions and I’ve been part of the Falling Like A Dead Weight group for well over a decade now. Keep a note of it though, it’s always good to refer back to get an accurate timeline on falls and frequency… I think anyway. :slight_smile:

Hope you’re not too sore, take care

I fell backwards a couple of days ago and still have a big scratch on my back that I must have caught on something.

I think I just have bad balance. I haven’t felt dizzy since a couple of relapses ago but my lack of balance remains. I was seeing a pysio a year ago and attended a balance class that I think was useful - taught me a range of simple exercises that I can adapt to use at home. I was discharged after doing well in tests but I was saying thank you and good bye I promptly had a wobble (but recovered it and did not fall).

Looking up Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) on NHS Choices the symptoms seem a subset of MS symptoms but caused by Tau protein build up rather than demylination as in MS. They are both essentially damage to the brain (but also possibly or/as-well as spinal column in MS). It might be worth asking your MS nurse about it, but keep a note anyway, I guess.

Hi all,

When I relapsed in Nov it was the first time I’ve gone backwards in a wierd move sort of Matrix Keanu Reeves way! I’ve managed to grab something or someone(!) when it happens so no injurys yet.

Most of the time I trip over nothing or the dog as she is always in the way!

Its a scary feeling though like you’re being pulled backwards doesn’t happen that often any more thank heavens!!

Take care


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I’ve fallen backwards at least once - I split the skin on the back of my head and bled and bled.

Just wanted to say, I read about a balance exercise on here a while ago. I find that my balance improves and I fall over less if I do it every day (then I stop doing it because my balance is better, after a while my balance deteriorates etc etc).

Anyway, the exercise is as follows. You stand in the corner of the room, with your feet close together. You then count down from 100 iln threes. The reason you’re in the corner is to stop you falling, the counting down is to stop you from concentrating on your balance. You can up the number you start from as you get better (or start from a lower number if your balance is really poor).