Anyone else?

Has anyone else felt like this?

I felt sick and then i went hot and felt shaky and like i was going to faint. I still feel shaky and weak now and my head feels foggy. I really thought i was going to feint and i felt really weak.

Hi Zipster

Sorry you’re not feeling too good at the moment.

I feel as if I’m going to faint sometimes. These feelings can last from up to a few minutes to all day. I usually feel sick and a bit weak and wobbly too. I have no idea what brings these on, but just wanted to let you know you’re not alone.

Hope you’re feeling better soon xx

Thanks purpledot.

I knew before i got up it was going to be a bad day because i had pains behind my left eye. You get sick and scared of all the weird symptoms don’t you? xx

That sounds a bit like a migraine, too. My mum and brother get bad ones that make them feel like that. I’ve had migraines too but less severe and only one that made me nauseous. Have a good rest and feel better x

I don’t think it’s a migraine. I have felt unwell, jittery and really tired since.