I'm so sorry to keep posting but I feel so unwell

Hi all

I am absolutly hating having to ask questions all the time and moan. That in itself gets me down and low.

My vision has been a problem for some time now and it comes and goes. However it is quite problematic today.

The only way i can describe it is that it feels as though i’m drugged up. My vision feels slow and that the one doesn’t correspond with the other. As long as im foccussed on something it seems ok but as soon as i look at something else it feels as though my eyes are taking just that split second longer to catch up.

Any ideas???

Mandymoo x

Mandymoo I think many of us suffer partial blindness and full blindness at times,it usaly clears up of what I have read on the forum.I get a fuzzy patch in my left eye which does dissapear as the day goes on.

I to am suffering with my eyes,they have started to twitch and even prominent movement upwards and towards the right.

The weather has made my eyes burn and fuzzy most of the day.They are irriated badly.


No advice but big hugs to you

And NEVER NEVER be sorry,we all feel low and have a good rant/moan/cry at times and need to share how we feel with people who understand.

I’m so sorry you are struggling, I haven’t got any advice but wanted to send you a (HUG).

No one minds you moaning and take that from the moaning champ lol


Hey Mandymoo a flower for yoo! xxx

you’re an Thankyou

You all are!

Lay on the bed now as I’m too wobbly to be trusted on my feet.

Mandymoo x

Hi Mandymoo

It’s not moaning, its sharing how you feel, and we all need to do that - we’re in this together .

I haven’t (thankfully) had many probs with my eyes, but I wonder if the ‘eyes having to catch up’ is related to a sort of fatigue where everything just slows down - whether it’s our thought processes, movement etc. This would also be made worse with the heat.

Not sure, but just a thought. Anyway, sending you big (((hugs))) as anything like this, maybe especially eye problems, do make us feel low. Do hope you can get lots of rest & have an improvement real soon.

Take good care

Bren x

Thanks everyone for your kind words and support!!!

It means so much.

Mandymoo xx

Hi Mandy, please don`t feel you should apologise for anything. This site and we are all here for each other, both in good times and in bad.

We often share the same experiences and can find this out by asking. So do keep asking.

Sending hugs.(((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))

much luv Pollx

Hi there I was officially diagnosed last month, but this was the first real symptom I had back in August last year. I described it to my husband as feeling drunk and having to really focus to get my eyes to catch up with what I was looking at! At the time I didn’t even consider what would be the eventual diagnosis so I ended up at the optician - new glasses helped a bit and then a second new prescription two months later was needed. I was then ‘normal’ two months after that, only to suffer a full-on relapse two months later with my eyes being one of the first things to go! I felt happier with my stronger glasses (had prisim lenses put in), but they didn’t solve it completely. My neuro has since said my eye movement was jerky and it would just take time for it to catch up. After my relapse, my vision has pretty much got back to normal although I occassionally feel as if my left eye is a bit grey. It’s horrid as eyesight is so important - my big fear is losing my driving license with my two young boys to ferry around everywhere. I choose not to drive when my eyesight is bad, although my neuro has said it’s within the legal limits. Hope it improves for you soon X

I meant to say, tiredness, stress, heat and too much time at a screen worsens my eyes! Sometimes just taking a ten minute break and shutting my eyes is all I need to get an improvement!

Thank you all once again MS43 and Emma-C.

Emma-C I did find out today that simply resting my eyes for a 15 mon break offered some relief for an hour or so.

I hate having it but I don’t feel it’s severe enough to make a fuss. It is severe enough to make me refuse to drive my daughter out this afternoon and enough to make me lie down for 2 hours which I hate. But I guess because I read so much on here about people loosing their sight I didn’t think that mine was significant enough…hence voicing my concerns on here I guess.

I wish you all the best for your future ahead, it must be very difficult having MS confirmed to you after being in limbo for a while.

If im honest I’m two’ing and fro’ing between this site and the Lupus forum because I do have the butterfly rash accross my cheeks too. I hate not knowing, Once I have the diagnosis whatever it is I shall then be able to deal with it.

Your support is invaluable!!!

Mandymoo x

I think not knowing is the worst thing! I was ‘lucky’ that my diagnosis was quick - my hubby has private insurance through work and my MRI was pretty much enough for my neuro to be convinced, along with my clinical history. From the first suspicion of MS it took four months to get the diagnosis, which I’m grateful for as I can make plans now. I see people waiting years for confirmation, which must be awful. I wish you all the best and hope you get the answers you need X

Quite apart from anything MS related, there is a condition called presbyopia. This can lead to changes in focus being slow: as if you were reading a book and watching television at the same time. You look up from the book - and it takes a little bit of time for the eyes to focus on the TV (and vice versa). It tends to start showing up in the mid-forties onward, and often the first sign is when you cannot easily focus on things that are near (like the book).

With anything to do with the eyes, you need to see an optician first. Note that you can get a free eyetest if a parent had/has glaucoma (hint), and you tell the optician this. Quite often, just saying it will get you a slightly more thorough eye inspection.


OK…now I feel a plonk.

I went to see the Optician and he confirmed that I don’t have Optic Neuritis which is great!!!

However I did get a little telling off …“what do you expect if you don’t actually wear your glasses?”

It was quite refreshing to be honest!

Still suffering with a lot of balance problems and delayed cognitive process but I’ve had that for ages…but yay…my eyes are good!

Sorry to be such a drama queen but it kinda gets like this after a while…not knowing whats what anymore.

Thanks guys

Mandymoo x