Feel as id I am holding my breath

Hi all hope you are as well as can be?

I am not having a very good day day and I math odd odd symptoms of Oh dear I12 20 i CANNOT MAKE MIGHT i CANNOT

oh dear

I am very sorry if you cannot makeme make aveyone I can meake like things I can not make any sense

I have wierd symptoms of migraine which start as not being able to see properly (like seeing through a kaliedarscope) and then my speech does not make any sense. I am sorry also if I cannot spell properly as well and also i have numbness and in my right hand does anyone else have these strainge migraines? Hopfuly I will be back to normal soon


I am so sorry about the load of old piffle I have just posted.

What I was supposed to say was that I have been getting a feeling as if I have been holding my breath for some time and I feel as if I am slightly strugling to breathe.

Does anyone else get this?

Anyway what happened was the “classic symptoms of a migraine” which I sometimes get and my sight goes as if looking through a kaliedoscope and then my speech is affected. Normally it does not last long, but this time it has lasted since 12.20pm

Jaycie x

Hi Jaycie I sort of understand what you mean, except it sometimes feels like I forget to breath and take a gasping breath. Doesn’t happen very often but a bit scary when it does. I am going to mention it on my next neuro appointment later this month and see what he says x

Hi, sorry your not having a good day, Try to rest and relax I’m sure your migraine will pass, I feel like you have described sometimes too and it is can be frightening . Take care Hope x

Forget to breathe, not breath lol

Hi thanks for your replies.

I am really sorry about the rubbish posting yesterday, but when I started writing it I was in the middle of what a neuro told me years ago are “Classic migraine symptoms”. My sight had gone back to normal, but I still had the other affects to come (speech, writing etc) No headache though

Anyway getting back to what I was originally posting about, it is as Amanda P says and it is rather scary.

Jaycie x

Hi Jaycie. hope you are feeling better. Yes l get them as flashing lights there start in one eye and go over to the other my speech is ok and no headache at all. I have had them for years before l had new l had ms dr said there where a flashing migraine. Told my ms nurse she said keep a list of when it happens l did for 6 months took her it she just put it in my file !. Regards Jan xx

I am days away from my first neuro appointment but have been showing symptoms for years. I found this post today re breathing. I’ve been holding my breath without realising and have tight chest pain. It’s also in my back now but Today has mostly been fatigue and severe headache. I’m trying to make sense of what’s related to MS and not. The breathing thing is just weird and slightly worrying