Anyone else hate New Year?

Sorry to be a party pooper, but I find this the No. 1 most depressing night of the year. Anyone else feel the same?

A load of reflecting on the past, which for me means things I probably won’t do any more, and people who have died, and then trying to be positive about the future, which I find very difficult as well. Somehow I can’t see 2013 being the year it all happens for me, and I don’t feel I’ve got very much to look forward to.

I don’t think I’m normally this bad, but it probably doesn’t help that I’m now on at least Day 5 of a wretched cold, and stupid Boots (I HATE them!) wouldn’t even sell me a bottle of cough medicine, because I was dumb enough to tell the truth that I’m already on Baclofen.

I know they are only worried about the possible drowsiness interaction - but I don’t work, don’t drive, and don’t operate machinery, so who cares about bloody drowsiness? I wish I would be drowsy enough to get some sleep, as I’ve not slept for days, due to the cough like a bloody dog-bark.

Not trusted to manage my own medication now. All I’m bothered about is: “Could it kill me?” If the answer’s no, then I don’t give a stuff about: “It might make you too drowsy”. Too drowsy for what, exactly? For going to bed, which was exactly what I planned on doing anyway?

Stormed out in a huff, and didn’t buy my Vitamin D tablets either, which means I’m now completely out of those - at my peak time of year for relapses.

Wanted to buy the same cough medicine elsewhere - this time by shutting up about the Baclofen - but there’s only the one pharmacy up there - which is Boots. Don’t drive, so didn’t have the time or energy to go to another shopping centre in the pouring rain, and everywhere’s shut tomorrow.

So basically had to settle for some cheap linctus from Superdrug, that you don’t get interrogated about, because it doesn’t really have any active ingredients. Might be slightly better than nothing, but not a lot. If I want to tackle the cough with anything harder-hitting, looks like it will have to be gin - which ironically, you can take as much as you like, with anything you like, without getting it pre-approved by a pharmacist.


yes its infuriating tina

but gin is a good remedy for anything!

carole x

Hi Tina I’m not keen on new year and next week we are going to be doing a lot of work about the house and I am getting more and more nervous about it, not the work itself but whether we can continue to stay here or whether we will have to move to mum and dads which I will find difficult with my poor walking. I just want new year out the way because the quicker we start this work the quicker we will finish. I’m not doing anything tonight but on a positive note everyone is well and it is starting to get slightly lighter a bit later at night here so a bit of optimism, i guess. I l sympathize with you about Boots, as you say, what is going to happen and it leaves you without any beneft over the new year holiday. hopefully your cold will feel better soon, I’ll have a think about you at midnight, I imagine I’ll still be awake then! Cheryl:-)

after the day ive had today, im hatin new years eve, it really sux this yr, cant wait till tomorow, think i mite just sleep thru tonight

Hi Tina

Yes, I loathe it too, and all the Christmas season shebang. Then it’s back to the grind next week with everyone hating each other like they usually do. Christmas is just a time to service the economy anyway as it means nothing more to most people I think.

Well, I hope you are getting down that gin bottle. I’ll soon be opening my courvoisier. And it’ll be home measures and cobblers to 2012.

Mark x

Hi Tina,

i find new years eve quite painful,it makes me miss all my loved ones that have died,and it gets worse each year,i used to love it when i was younger and out at parties, and didnt have much to worry about,apart from a bad hangover, but i will be relieved when its all over,i also have a neighbour who lets fireworks off for hours,they sound like bombs. and my windows actually shake,so that wimds me up too.bah humbug,lol…

jaki xx

hiya tina

2012 has been challenging for me-if i told the truth you would,quite rightly,question if i was making it up!

however,i have had a huge change in viewing life recently (over past couple of years) and the way i cope is to welcome each day and all that entails.

so, i am looking forward tomorrow as usual,if i am alive! its easy to live in the past and get stuck there,but life if continually changing,whether good or bad,it wont last…

a happy ellie x (who forgets more than she should,laughs more than is acceptable and more often than not isnt quite sure if she is in the real world. ach well,its MY world and i quite like it!)

take care and hope the cold goes soon x

Going to bed with a good book…

Pat x

yes :0(

I can’t be bothered with NYE just like I can’t be bothered with XMAS or anything at the moment I feel very fed up, bored and lonely, I have felt this way for quite some time now asnd can’t seem to find a ay out of this rut I’m in.

But thyen I have been stuck in this rut since my ex left me and I moved back to Warrington 6 years ago, having my dad die and being dx with this horrible disability didnt help to much either but it is gettting harder and harder to stay positive and see the benefits to having a disability, like DLA a brand new car next year and free road tax.

Some days I do feel like giving up

Hi All,

Slightly relieved to find it’s not just me. I feel at the end of my tether tonight. Certainly not going to sit up for all the tripe on TV. I looked to see if there might be a good film or something, but no, I forgot: we’ve got to have wall-to-wall count down, and “reviews of the year” - AKA repeats of all the stuff I avoided first time round. I think the so-called “entertainment” tonight is even worse than an average week night.

I’ll take Pat’s tip, I think, and go to bed. But too early, yet, at only 7:30, although I already feel tired and ratty enough. If I go to bed too early, I know I’ll be up again and mooching round, at 2 a.m, which I don’t want. So got nothing to do all evening, apart from a 1000-piece jigsaw of a kingfisher, which I’ve been working on a few days.

Really wish they’d sold me the cough medicine; I’ve still got the infernal cough - surprised the neighbours aren’t complaining yet about the “dog”. I’m just going to lie, the next time. There’s no incentive at all to tell the truth, if you’re going to be denied over-the-counter medicine that anyone else can buy. I don’t know what made me even tell them - I know what they’re like. Used to have the same problem with painkillers, until I got them on prescription. Now looks like I need a prescription any time I get a cough, as well. As if GPs haven’t got enough to do!

I hope my fellow New Year haters don’t have too bad a night, and that all looks better once we’re back to normal in a few days. I think I’ve had too much of the whole “festivities” thing.



Just remember peeps… it will all be over day after tomorrow (and there won’t be much happening tomorrow).

Hang on in there… Jon (raggamuffin) that goes for you too! Just imagine getting behind the wheel of that brand new car!

Tina, try ITV3. Lewis at 9 and Touch of Frost at 11.

This too will pass…

Pat x

hello all

it is so good to read that there are others out there who feel the same way as I do about NYE- a reminder of how much has changed due to MS - 2012 has been a bad year. I hate NYE now and can’t wait for it all to be over- I sound so miserable saying that but its the truth- where are all the friends that I used to see?

But, tomorrow is another day (as it says in the film!) and we will carry on !!

Looking forward to an early night and a good book

take care

Judy x

I don’t enjoy New Year either, I am so glad we decided to hold our MS Christmas lunch in January; so we have something to genuinely look forward to.

Wendy x

Happy New Year to Tina et all,

You always have good comments which are interesting to follow. Here’s hoping 2013 will be better than you think!

All the best,


Hi Tina Like you I hate new year with a vengeance. So sorry about your cold, my hubby has been really poorly over Xmas and still has a hacking cough. He went to docs and she sounded his chest through his shirt and jacket??? She told him it was clear, but why is he coughing up yuk stuff??? (The mind boggles) I do hope you get a decent nights sleep tonight. All the best for 2013. Linda x

Hello All, Must add my thoughts too. Firstly a huge big virtual friendy hug to everyone feeling low tonight, not my usual way of communication but at a loss to how else to convey a feeling of empathy and support to those in the dumps. I too sit here alone tonight but strangely slightly more upbeat than 2009, 2010 and 2012 even with the recent dx of PPMS . The reason is because there always is a better day tomorrow, however small. For me I lost everything in 2009, my wife, my daughter,my house, many friends, my business, my sanity, and my health. Its been a long painful path back to where I am now, with a drunken limp and lazy arm and the stupid tremors but tonight I have a great wine a great film, peace and quiet, and some new found friends on a forum. What could be better than that? So there is the reason for my great big virtual hug to see in the new year. There is always something better tomorrow. Paul <3

hey guys - imagine living in Camberley. I’m not many miles from the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, and the bar stewards keep sounding the forkin 12 barrel salute at regular intervals! I guess this bottle must last another hour or so.

Sorry m’dears - it was not "forkin’ bar stewards. It should have read ‘funkin bar stewards’.


Well folks, it’s 01/01/13 now and well it’s not that I hate New Year as such, just that to me this year its simply a different date to write, new diary pages in my filofax and a new calendar in the kitchen.

2011 was a horrible year for me, my RRMS diagnosis, a huge relapse and lots of time off work, but I went into 2012, pushing myself to get the house nice, texting well wishes to loads of “friends” and generally looking to better times, however 2012 turned out worse, my husband lost his job, I had back to back relapses and ended up only working less than 3 months in the whole year and am still off work and currently have a nasty throat infection pulling me down, so I decided to have a glass of wine, just go to bed early last night and read a good book and didn’t text all the folk I did last year.

Got up this morning and cuddled my wee boy, made a nice cup of tea and read the few texts that I recieved from my true friends, I know who they are now and I’ll go into tomorrow, no matter what the date on the calendar is, not giving up, hopeful for things to be better, I’m only 44, have a husband, wee boy who needs his mummy and some good true friends, but really it’s just another day !

Take care everyone

Jools X