so upset hate new year

Am so upset cant stop crying its just hit me since being diagnosed earlyier this year i cant wipe the slate clean in the new year, i cant just put 2011 down to a bad year because 2012 ms is still going to be there and its never going away.

New year has always been difficult for me but this year its even harder , had such a hard year being dianosied and 2 big relapses and new year is not going to make any diffenent as its not going to go away sorry for sounding depressed its just how am feeling right now, think the diagnosed has hit me hard now.

sorry again


MS may not be going away, but neither are lots of good things too hopefully. And you never know, 2012 might be a relapse-free year, when your MS stabilises or when you start on a new drug that makes a huge difference.

Never give up.

Karen x


Hi, I was also diagnosed this year, so I know how you feel.

I think rather than focussing on the things you can’t change, you should look to change something else. Something that you have always wanted to do, perhaps.

For me, I’m at my biggest I have ever been. This is largely down to medications, but I’m sure my addiction to chocolate has contributed… I bought an exercise bike in the summer and started cycling 100k per week. I’ve now decided to join a gym and start swimming as well. My NY resolution is to get fit and stay that way and to not dwell on this hideous hand of cards I’ve been dealt. I’m 25, I’m not ready to give up just yet :slight_smile: Suz xx

Hi Suzie,

I know it's not much consolation, but I hate New Year too - easily the most depressing night of the year.

Like you, I never enjoyed it much before I got ill, although I am wondering, now, exactly how long I've been ill, and how much this might have coloured things.

I've never felt very optimistic about the future, for a few years now, so I think, at some level, I sensed something was wrong, even though my concerns were very vague, and probably not anything I could have put my finger on.

I agree it's harder than ever to stay positive, now we know what's wrong, and that it doesn't get any better.  But I think it's important still to try.

I think good times are still possible with MS - but that we don't hear so much about them on this forum, because it's human nature to post mainly when there's a problem, and not so much when good things happen.

I think also, sometimes people are reluctant to post the positives, in case it comes across as crowing, or insensitive.  But I love to read if somebody went on holiday, or got a new job, or found a new romance, because it proves it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom all the time, and good stuff can still happen.

I am trying to look forward to Spring, and the better weather (when I generally feel better), and not to get too hung up on this gloomy time of year, when there's a lot of sentimentalising about the past.

I've got some nice food and nice wine in the house: I will NOT be starting 2012 on a diet!  (That comes later. ;) )





Good for you Tina. I agree there is always something to look forward to. When I was first dx, well I won't go into how I felt, but getting down to the knitty gritty, what has changed, I mean really changed, it's just a name that's been given to us to explain, or try to explain all the funny things that happen to us. We are still us. So Suzie remember you are YOU not MS. Don't let it grind you down, have a moan and a groan but be stronger than IT!!!


Janet x



I was diagnosed this year as well 4 months before my 30th birthday letdown  I too feel a little bit down that this won't go away, but looking on the bright side I have two wonderful daughters 7 and 3 and a great husband and I will focus on all the good times we can have together in the future.

I beat myself up alot in the summer as sometimes in the heat I felt wiped out with tiredness and didn't feel up to taking them to the beach and dwelled on them missing out and me looking like I was lazy and one of those parents who doesn't do things with their children especially seeing as I work full time and should therefore be doing absolutely everything at weekends after work and in the holidays. However, my work colleagues friends and family know so they won't judge.


I am hopeful that with all the research they are doing one day in my life time they will find something to keep us fitter for longer even if they can't cure it.

I hope you have a good 2012 and stay sympton free for a long time.




Hi Suze, so sorry you are feeling so low right now.


But you know, you do have something to be happy about...........there is life after a dx of MS.honestly there us, hun. Many of us have found their way through this quagmire.

It is a different life to the one you had or ever thought you would have..

we all have to find a way to accept our lives are different now.without that acceptance, we`ll never be able to cope.

I know it`s hard love and I`m not being cold or harsh when I say these things.

Perhaps you could do with better support, from family, friends, MS nurse, GP or whatever.

Why not make an appointment with your GP, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi, you have got some good replies, so I’ll just say that I don’t like new year either but looking forward this time in a few days, new year will be over and things will be getting back to normal, which will certainly suit me. Focus on t goodthings you do have and treat yourself to a drink or chocolate if you fancy. I am working my way through my box of chocolates. Yum!

I too was diagnosed this year, however, what keeps me strong when I get frustrated  is the thought of those poor lads and lassies out in Afghanastan, many who will never come back, and those you hear about the least, those that come back without many of their limbs.  Selfish I know, but it makes me think wtf have I got to complain about......  New Year is a sad time for many, but look for the good .. who knows what the New Year will bring.  Chin up and Happy New Year x


Suzie I was just diagnosed in 2011 as well, and I too keep forgetting this isn't just going to go away. (hugs)


Thank you all for your replys feel a little better today now its all over i slept thr midnight, Am usally a positive person but things just got on top of me yesterday as 2011 was such a difficult year.

But thankfully ive also got a lot to be happy about my hubby and 2 young children, thats what keeps me going

hope 2012 is better for you all



I also only found out in late Nov 2011 I suffered all year since April with RRMS.

I have never been affraid of having this illness I look and see others with conditions in life that are far worst of than mine, young inocent kids born with horrible diseases that they might never get any releif in life from it, their is much much worst of people in the world, I use this as my comfort and helping me to stay positive about my illness.

I am using 2012 as a new start, 2011 has gone along with everything that came with it, I will keep taking my med's forever, am putting our house up for sale this year a house where we have lived in it for 23 yrs mainly good memories except 2011 hence the time has come to move on, we are moving up to near the lake district as my two sons got their own places in 2011 and moved out leaving me. my with and our two dogs, its going to be a whole new life change for us, we will be able to do our own things like tour the lakes as and when we please.

2012 can not be ANY worst than 2011, that alone has to be a bonus.thumbsup the sooner you except MS the quicker you will move on and feel better for it.


Take care